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Time for another MMA Discussion. This one is easy just

Choose your favourite:

  1. MMA fighter-
  2. Least Favourite MMA fighter-
  3. Fight Organziation –
  4. Marital Art –
  5. Fight of all time-
  6. Martial Arts  Movie? –
  7. MMA Website –
  8. MMA Technique –
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  1. kirbi davis says:

    1. Rashad Evans
    2.anderson silva
    3. UFC of course
    5.sooo hard ummmm…… i guess rashad evans vs forrest griffen
    6. never back down
    7. mma weekly

  2. Steve Scheloske says:

    1. GSP is a close second, but I have to stick with my boy.
    2. Diego Sanchez
    3. UFC
    4. Wrestling
    5. Griffin v. Bonnar 1
    6. Enter the Dragon
    7. MMA Junkie
    8. Arm triangle

  3. Jason says:

    1. Keep in mind, this is only because you’re not fighting anymore 😛 Gotta go with Fedor Emelianenko
    2. War Machine (lol). Tito Ortiz is a close second.
    3. UFC
    4. Boxing/Kickboxing
    5. Man that’s a tough one. Griffin v. Bonnar, Sanchez v. Guida, Faber v. Brown…can’t pick just one!
    6. Ong Bak was pretty sick
    7. ufc.com, jeffjoslinmma.com, ericwongmma.com (three-way tie :P)
    8. Right now I have to go with the overhand right (as you saw in sparring the other day haha)

    Where’s your list Jeff??

  4. Kyuss says:

    1. GSP
    2. Right now Machida, only cause I’m still ticked at his last performance
    3. WEC
    4. Kickboxing
    5. Guida vs Sanchez
    6. Karate Kid (how can u not love that one!)
    7. MMAjunkie
    8. Choke opponent with your own GI (I’m new and just learned that one Saturday. Not sure the technical term but pretty sweet!). For standup roundhouse kick (no one ever expects a kick in a fight…well in class maybe but not the streets :))

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