Who's the most exciting fighter in the UFC right now?


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That’s a tough question as it depends on what type of fighter you like to watch.

For me I’d have to pick Anderson Silva. After such a dominating last fight I’m looking forward to seeing what he tries to pull off in his next fight.

It’s his confidence that gives him the edge in most of his bouts and allows him to try thing that other fighters won’t. Makes him great to watch.

Who do you think is the most exciting UFC fighter?

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  1. ChrisH says:

    I really enjoyed watching Jon Jones fight. After watching him destroy Stephan Bonnar I became a fan of his, watching those crazy elbows and throws. Watching back at his fight with Andre Gusmao, it was said he only had 9 months of traing for MMA before he got into the UFC. His submission over Jake O’Brien was nice. I’d have to say Jon Jones is the fighter I look forward to seeing most.

  2. MarkTaylor79 says:

    I would agree, Anderson is an exciting fighter to watch but some of his opponants have let him down. His fight against Thales Lietes was poor, i hope to see something better in the future. I think the 185lb division is about to get exciting again, proving Vitor can make 185.

  3. Gavin Devlin says:

    I agree Silva is very exciting to watch, and probably the best pound for pound fighter in the world. For me however, the most exciting fighter to watch is George St. Pierre, he is so good it’s frightening at times. If he fights a wrestler, he’ll out wrestle them. If he fights a striker, he’ll knock them out. He has everything.

    If you watch all GSP’s fights from the start of his career, you’ll see he continues to improve and evolve every time you see him. There is no fighter in the world at 170lb that even comes close to his class. If anyone hasn’t already, you should check out as many of his fights as you can, because you’re witnessing a legend in the making. I recommend watching him against Sean Sherk, Matt Hughes 2 & 3, Jon Fitch and BJ Penn 1 & 2.

  4. Julie Burtch says:

    I would have to say one of the most exciting fighters to watch in the UFC is Clay Guida. Probably an unexpected choice but he is such a relentless fighter, it is always an exciting fight no matter who his opponent is.

    My second choice would have to be Roger Huerta because of his technique.

    Although St. Pierre has an amazing physique and he is such a technical fighter, he has it down to a science.

    Definitely a tough choice.

  5. Gavin Devlin says:

    I agree about Guida, was lucky enough to see him fight when he came to Belfast, Northern Ireland. His fight against Sanchez was awesome. I have to disagree on Huerta though, I think he’s overrated because he looks good on a magazine cover. He’s definately not in the same class as Florian or Penn, or even Sherk or Sanchez.

  6. Gavin Devlin says:

    Without doubt the most exciting Heavyweight is Arlovski, really miss him in UFC.

  7. eelcozy says:

    I really enjoy watching any of the new up and comers. Gray Maynard, Frankie Edgar, Dan Hardy, Luis Cane, Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez. Also, anyone who just has an aura of dominence from their legacy; Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelienenko, George St. Pierre, BJ Penn.

  8. Jason says:

    The choice for me is between Silva and GSP. Silva has the ability to make every fight exciting with his standup, which (for most people) is more exciting to watch than GSP’s masterful wrestling. At the same time, though, Silva has been shown to only do just so much to win, requiring his opponent to feed his game. If the opponent is timid, the fight lacks excitement and he wins a clear cut but tedious decision. Thankfully his last opponent was Griffin, a balls-to-the-wall fighter who always brings agression, no matter how stupid.
    GSP on the otherhand always comes to fight and comes to win, usually as the agressor. His wrestling and transitions are amazing, and his standup is pretty damn good too.

  9. Taj says:

    I agree with ChrisH about Jon Jones – I also like to watch Joe Lauzon, Nate Diaz, and Anthony Johnson

  10. Jeff Joslin says:

    I forgot about Jon Jones. Those were some crazy throws he did in his fight against Bonnar.

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