What makes an exciting fighter?


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In my eyes, an exciting fighter is one who has a well-rounded skillset, works hard to finish a fight and shows a lot of heart and/or toughness. A fighter that can take a beating, then turns things around and pull out the win is the type of fighter I love watching. All fighters are great when they are winning, but some, when they face any resistance or adversity seem to crumble under the pressure.

Anderson Silva, Chris Leben and Clay Guida are a few of the fighters I enjoy watching the most.

What do you think makes a fighter exciting?

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  1. WillTap4Food says:

    I must agree clay guida is one of the most exciting to watch. To me I think a relentless fighter that pushes the pace on the ground or standing is an exciting fighter. I don’t remember the last time Sherk finished a fight but I still love watching him because of the crazy pace he keeps. Lyoto Machida hasn’t lost in forever but is not that exciting to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like watching fighters pressing the action. Not necessarily all on the feet either. I love a good grappling match that shows versatility. I can’t stand straight wrestlers. People like Mir who have 5 or 6 subs all by different submission are incredible to me. Maia vs McDonald is one of my fave fights this year. I like seeing fighters who show great strategy.

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    Great points. I agree that a fighter can win fights and still not be exciting to watch.

    I forgot about Maia. Your right, even though his striking is not very strong he is still great to watch!

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