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2009 Joslin’s Canadian Open

We just wrapped up our annual martial arts tournament weekend. The two day event consisted of a karate tournament on Saturday and a grappling tournament on the Sunday. It was a great weekend full of action as competitors from all over came out to compete for our championship belts.


The karate event, which consisted of sparring, forms and weapons divisions, finished late Saturday afternoon. As it was winding down I along with dozens of hard working volunteers began setting up the gymnasium at Sherwood High School for the children’s grappling competition which was about to take place that evening.

Several hundred young grapplers showed up with high hopes to take home first place honours. The action was fast and intense over the three hour span of competition. In the end, many smiling faces showed me that the kids were having a great time. It’s great to watch the next generation of martial artists battling it out with such high skill and enthusiasm.


On Sunday we had a tremendous turnout at the adult portion of our grappling event. Running nine mats, without breaks throughout the entire day, the competition finished late in the evening. Our team of referees worked dilligently to keep thing rolling smoothly. After all the action, championship belts were awarded to competitors from many different martial arts schools.


I’m still a little wiped out from the weekend but I’m excited to plan some improvements for next years tournament. We’re planning on moving to a larger venue to start but have many other great ideas that will make things more enjoyable for those that attend the Canadian Open.

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