Watching Rampage-Jardine (UFC 96)


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Sitting here watching the UFC 96, I thought I might as well start writing a post in the midst of the main event fight. The fight just started and not much has happened as both fighters seem to be feeling each other out.

4 minutes in…Rampage is doing a great job controlling the range and is making Jadine look slow and off balance…ooh he landed a good shot on the jaw of Jardine. Jardine took it well.

Round one is over and no vaseline is in sight :). Ring girls are looking hot as always. Here goes round number two!

Rampage is moving well, making Jardine miss everytime he tries a lunging in attack. Jardine’s left hand is low, he may get caught with a right hand later on.

2 minutes in…wow, a big punch drops Jardine…He does a great job to stand and recover.

3 minutes in…Rampage doing a great job of mixing it up. Strikes and takedowns, nice!

Low Blow..Man this is tough to type and watch at the same time. Sorry about the bad grammar on this post.

50 secs left..What an exchange! Jardine may have punched himself out in that exchange as he tried to take Jackson out.

second round ends. I think Rampage should go back to using the movement he was using in the first round.

Round 3 underway. Jardine being more aggressive although not landing anything solid. Jardine doing a great job working back to his feet but is starting to get tired as he’s having trouble keeping his hands up.

30 seconds left..Jardine is hurt by a nice combo, it’s been hard to tell when Jardine is hurt and when he was just off balance. Rampage drops near the end of the fight. I agree with the commentators that that may give him the fight.

and the judges decision..Quinton Jackson.

Overall the card was pretty good tonight, I’ll probably post something longer about it tommorrow. I have to go study some textbooks. I’ve been taking a use of force course all weekend and the final testing is tommorrow. Now to find my manual. Have a good night guys.

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  1. Jason says:

    Nice play-by-play. I really have to question the UFC having Rashad as the extra commentator for this fight, he was clearly very biased and one-sided in his assessment, continually glossing over Jackson’s successful overpowering of Jardine. The little tirade at the end was hilarious though, that should be a great fight but I’m still going to back Jackson against Rashad.
    And what do you mean by “use of force”? Is that a physics course or is it related to force in self-defence?

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Commentating if definitely a weird thing. It’s as if commentators often have someone picked to win a fight before it even starts and their commenatary sways positively in that fighter’s favour.

    I thought the Diego/Stevenson commentary was also a little off during their recent fight. The fight was way closer than the commentating made it out to be.

    Rashad and Jardine train together so I would expect him to be biased towards his friend and teammate. It’s just difficult to listen to sometimes. It’s also amazing how much commentators influence the casual fans perception of a fight.

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    Anyone else think the Diego and Stevenson fight was close?

  4. Jason says:

    I thought it was definitely closer than they were making it out to be, but at the same time Sanchez definitely deserved the win. I thought the first round could have gone either way (although it’s been a bit since I’ve seen the fight), since although Sanchez was edging out the win on the feet Stevenson stuffed the takedown attempt with ease. I think Sanchez was just playing it safe, he found those short hooks/uppercuts were working and that Stevenson wasn’t adjusting but wasn’t really hurting either, so he just kept at it. Not as exciting, but it definitely works.
    Also I hate to bug you but check your e-mail, I sent you those times you asked for.

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