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I got ko’d! Thankfully it’s only a game… After creating myself in the UFC undisputed game, which seems a little weird and vain, I proceeded to get punched out by every fighter and their mother it seemed.

Real fighting is easier than xbox fighting in my opinion.

I haven’t had a chance to play it much over the last week or two but I thought the graphics look great and the commentating is a really cool feature which makes it feel like your watching the payperview at home. Hopefully I can get online soon and get punched out some more.

How do you guys like the game?

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  1. Harold says:

    I love it! I find myself playing it for hours the first time I played through I was getting destroyed left and right but now I’ve figured out how to play I can at least make it through fights, I love it alot, I cant wait to play it later 🙂

    • Joe Gull says:

      I think I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t like this game. Being an absolute hardcore gamer (I play in excess of about 40 hours a week) I am very critical of the games I play. That being said, while this game certainly affords some good things (good commentary but it can get old if you play it enough, graphics are acceptable and a decent fighting engine) the negative points about this game have pretty much caused me to sideline the game. I was lucky enough to obtain this game on the 16th (3 days before release) so I got a good jump on checking it out. The career mode for this game is a complete and total abysmal failure. It is redundant, far too short, and does not allow sufficient time for you to build a fighter that truly can rival the default characters. The first time I went through it took me 8 training camps to raise my Wrestling by one level. The inherent problem is that some of the tasks are dependent on the AI performing certain moves and if they don’t, training takes so much longer. The striking training is much easier to do, and you can turn up some really serious striking stats if you boost the right skills at the right time. The fact that training points do not carry over when you advance a level is just plain ridiculous. This along with a host of other negative points (lack of character customization options, forced retirement, you don’t age during career, stale tactics online and people quitting) I think made this game for me one of the biggest misses of the year. Maybe they’ll get it right in 2010. Either way, it’s gone back into my folder of games and is only likely to come out if I have people over.

  2. Benny _S says:

    So far it’s the greatest game ever, it’s taking a bit of time to figure out the ground game but all in all, it’s fantastic. Things they need to work on are not having all fighters fight right handed and throw in some old school characters.

  3. if You Are Online and want to play UFC look for me, User: oscarbarrera
    Nice game… short but nice…

  4. Mark Taylor says:

    The best game ever. Had it a week, wasn’t sure about career mode at first and got off to a bad start but getting better now. Attained level 1 in Kickboxing & Wrestling which makes things more interesting. Gonna fire up the Xbox now actually…

  5. Kevkill says:

    Definitely a good game. I was having the same problem when I first started playing. I found that if you get in full mount, ground and pound, and when your opponent gives up his back instead of going for the RNC just flip him back over and pound him out. KO every time.
    If anyone wants to play, hit me up on XBL. Gamertag = Kevkill

  6. Matt Fidalgo says:

    UFC 2009 It’s really great game of MMA fans and I really like the roster list of fighter that are in.
    The Ground game is the interesting part of the game from passing the guard to side-control to mount but the control is a bit hard when u are in guard and want to pass u do something else Submission button is not bad. I finally Tapout someone with a Kimura that was cool for the first time.

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