UFC Fight Night!


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There was a lot of action during last night’s UFC Fight Night on Spike Tv. Josh Koscheck scored a great knockout finish as did Mike Swick, who lived up to his nickname “Quick” by finishing his fight in quick time.

There was also an insanely gross moment when Cory Hill snapped his leg when his low kick attempt was checked by his opponent. Ouch!!!!!!!

Watching the fights, I was surprised to see some guys fighting, in the world’s top organization with glaring weaknesses. Some had next to zero striking ability and others had extremely weak ground games. It’s very frustrating to watch from the sidelines. Hopefully when I am able to get back at it I get a few nice build up fights :).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That was a horrible break…never seen anything like that before. And what are you talking about with build up fights….just start at the top again, you’re already there with the talent. Train hard…..K

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks for the compliment, but it’s always fun to build some momentum and potentially make some highlight reel footage as you climb the divisional ladder 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are welcome! What are your predictions for the Ultimate Fighter finale tomorrow?? Have you been watching this season? A little dissappointed in this years bunch…..there are a few standouts though.Should be a good finale though……K

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that your head will be able to withstand the strikes you will potentially have to take to make your highlight reel footage. I’d hate to see you permanently injured……k

  5. Jeff Joslin says:

    :)… Gonna take my time and test the head, maybe I’ll try for a few submission ones come fight time :). Thanks for the concern.

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