Fighting to Acting – Smart move or wimping out?


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chuck-liddell-dancingWith all of the exposure top professional fighters are getting lately, there’s no wonder why movie and television producers are giving those guys roles in their movies or on their television shows. A few fighters possess huge fan bases which will more than likely make any business venture they participate in outside of fighting more profitable for everyone involved.

How else can you explain Chuck Liddell’s lengthy stay on TV’s “Dancing with the stars”.  Not saying that I could get up there and do any better on the dance floor, because I don’t think I could.  Chuck definitely deserves some big respect for signing on. I’ll also admit that his participation got me to watch an episode or two.

There’s even be a few instances of fighter’s talking about quitting the fight game to pursue acting full time. I want to hear how you feel about that? If a fighter chooses acting over scrapping it out in the Octagon, whether it be during the prime of their career or near the tail end of it, would you view him or her any differently?

Personally I think that it’s their decision to make and they don’t deserve any flack for making that choice if they believe it is best for them.

Looking at the two, I think  a career in professional fighting is faced paced, exciting and physically demanding on the body. It may sometimes be short lived due to injuries or the demands of regular life sometimes getting in the way. Acting on the other hand may be a career these fighters could potentially do for a long, long time which may be add to it’s appeal. Mind you, they would have to word very hard to develop their acting ability but with a little passion and the ability to learn things quickly, I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem for some.

I’m interested in hearing what you think about it…

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  1. Jim B. says:

    Depends on how talented that ‘fighter’ is at those respective professions. If he’s simply cashing in on his popularity as a fighter to take on an acting career…. that’s only going to go so far. If he’s actually good at it then why not? I think that’s the question you have to ask. Is this person any good at what they do? Whether it’s fighting or acting. Take Duane Johnson and Randy Couture as examples. I think Duane is actually a good actor. He’s easy to like on the big screen. If he decided to jump into MMA I would hope that he’s actually good at it. Better than say….. Brock Lesnar. In the case of Randy, he’s such a class act and he makes good career choices. So he’s golden.

  2. Amanda says:

    I believe when someone makes a career choice, they either fall into it or strive for it. Obviously MMA/UFC fighters strive for a certain goal. To be the best and to get there the fastest. Their whole world is MMA, nothing else. Once something different presents itself to a fighter I’m pretty sure they usually walk the other way considering the goal they have already set for themselves and are working at to achieve. I think Chuck Liddell has already achieved his goals, now he’s “riding the train” that the UFC put him on. The norm would be to keep going until one burns out or to quit while you’re ahead. I believe once an opportunity comes your way, you take it or you leave it based on many variables. Just like you said Jeff, if it’s the right choice for him, then he should do it. This is a chance of a life time for him just like the UFC was…….he already conchered that. He can move on and i’m sure he will always be welcome back to the UFC.

  3. mmajuan says:

    It depends if you want to make more money and don’t get hurt than sure, but all these fighters that leave to start acting will be back to fight there not that great of actors. When you leave like Rampage Jackson did you cut ties and people don’t like that, especialy the way he left the UFC. I think he will fight again but not with the UFC.

  4. elliott says:

    The truth is that they don’t want to be actors, they want to be movie stars which are two different things. Both career paths ,(fighter and actor), take sacrifice and time to achieve any level of success. They should consider which path will lead them to the most benifit with the minimal dowside. If they are done with their life as a fighter than focusing their energy towards acting is fine. But if they are still viable and have more to achieve than they should stay focused on fighting. Fighting is a young mans game and you get old in it real fast, so you should make the most of it while you can.

  5. JeffM says:

    It’s no different than musicians wanting to be actors, or actors wanting to be musicians, or either of them wanting to be authors, painters or whatever. I’m all for people branching out and trying new things, but I would expect them to put as much effort into the new thing as they do into their “main” vocation.

    The issue I have is when they do it solely (or primarily) for the reason to keep themselves famous. They have no real interest in it and tend to not put in as much effort. I actually have the same issue with regards to some of the current crop of TUF contestants. Are these NFL guys actually wanting to be fighters, or are they here because it’s still athletic and it is gaining popularity?

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