UFC 97 (Montreal) controversy!


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Looks like the UFC’s return to Montreal could be facing an obstacle in the form of the Quebec athletic commission. Changes that may be implemented by the commission may result in changes to their rules and regulations which would differentiate them from the unified rules that the UFC currently uses. That could spell trouble for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s return to Montreal in April.

I find it strange that changes could be in the works even though the TKO fight organization has run for years in Quebec with both elbow and knee strikes being allowed. In fact, when I used to fight there we were allowed to knee a downed opponent in the head! Now rumour has it that the commission may be calling for no elbow or knee strikes at all and may be adding something that may resemble a standing eight count when a fighter gets dropped with a strike, what’s with that?!?

I hope this issue gets resolved and the fight card goes on as planned as I already have my ticket!

Here’s the article from Sportsnet where I found this bad news.


What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously! No kneeing, elbowing, or ground & pound!! I don't want to go to a boxing match!! If the rules are changed, I will not go!!!

  2. Paul says:

    This does seem bizzare to say the least…Like you said TKO and other organzations have run for years without issue, so I wonder what is prompting these changes? If it does stop the UFC from returning to Monreal that’s a shame, it’s one of the best venues in the world I think for MMA.

  3. Jeff Joslin says:


    There was an recent incident at a new event in Quebec called “Strikebox”.

    I think some issues arose after that event saw people throwing chairs and stuff into the cage during the main event due to some interesting facts.

  4. Paul says:

    Hey Jeff, I remember reading about the Strikebox incident, but I don’t quite see how it influenced MMA rule changes in Quebec.

    From what I understand, the Strikebox event was promoted as stand up fighting only, but legally they had to abide by MMA rules…it was up to the fighters to agree on stand up only, which most did, but apparently the crowd went crazy b/c James Thompson took things to the ground.

    It seems like a very odd indcident to say the least, but I’m still not sure why this would change MMA rules? “Stikebox” and MMA seem to be quite different. What do u think?

  5. Lynn says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Definately agree with you completely, this is a total travesty. After the huge success of UFC 83 in particular and GSP in general, I was really hoping the way would be paved to open up this sport in Canada to where it belongs. I live near Hamilton, and am a huge fan of yours, and as much as I’m not looking forward to paying 5 bills to see you at the Roger’s Centre or ACC, I would certainly prefer not to have to brave the reserve anymore to support our local talent. I mean, Dana White is hosting fights is France, England, Germany and the Middle East, but Canada can’t get it’s stuff together enough to embrace the sport of our athlete of the year?? This is embarassing.
    Do hope you enjoy Montreal if it goes, but since I couldn’t rely on it, I’ve already booked the trip to Las Vegas for UFC 100…..any chance you might be slated for that?? Talk about a Canuck girl’s dream come true…you and Georges on the same card! wow! Of course what I really hope is that a Canadian studded event like that might make promoters greedy enough to realize what a market they have right here.
    If you’ve any suggestions as to what the average Joe or Jill might do to make this happen, just let us know….there’s lots of us that would!!
    All the best to you,

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