UFC 95 Review


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Pretty good night of fights last night. We got to see a lot of fights since very few of the battles on the card lasted longer than the first round.

In what’s becoming common lately, we saw most of the fighters choose to stand and strike with no real intentions of taking the fight to the ground. One fight in particular, the one pitting Damien Maia versus Chael Sonnon was quite the opposite as Maia put together another sweet chain of attacks that enabled him to lock up a triangle choke. That was nice.

In the case of the Koscheck fight, the strategy of hunting for a knockout while standing,backfired on him. In a fight where I believed he could have easily tossed Thiago down and proceeded to ground and pound out a TKO, he was rocked by a perfectly timed uppercut. Now mind you, he was dominating the striking up to that point landing some clean, powerful punches so I know he didn’t expect that uppercut anymore than more than any of us watching did. I also think the referee could have given him a few seconds to see if he could defend himself, tough split second call to make. During his next fight we may Koscheck go back to using his wrestling more often which I think will make him very hard for other fighters to beat.

Marquardt showed some great combinations in his win over Wilson Gouveia. I loved the finish where he threw three high kicks followed by a spinning back fist and then a right punch. That was great!

I did alright with my predictions scoring 3 correct out of five with Koscheck and Markham being my picks that didn’t win. Here’s the blog prediction battle scoring after yesterdays event.


Blog name (Correct/Incorrect)

Jeff ‘Wombat’ Meszaros (4/1)
Quick Strike Beat Down (4/1)

FiveOuncesofPain.com (3/2)
Jeff Joslin’s (3/2)
MMA Betting (3/2)

Extreme John (2/3)

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