UFC 92 – Surprises!


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I spent most of last Saturday at a family dinner but I was able to make it back to watch the UFC 92 card at East End Submission in downtown Hamilton. Thanks to all the guys that invited me, I had a great time.

I didn’t make it there in time to catch the Rampage/Silva fight so if someone could comment with some details about that fight that would be great.

I was shocked to see Mir dominate Nogueira like he did. Congrats to him on a big victory. It was nice to see him do so well after the crap he went through with the motorcycle accident. I was a little disappointed that the fight never made it to the ground, where I think Nogueira might have had a better chance to win that night.

I had picked Rashad to win his fight which he did, but it wasn’t an easy job for him to pull out the win. Forrest is a huge dude! I think the height difference made it tough for Rashad to land some of his big punches throughout the fight plus Forrest can take a pretty good shot.

Overall I was hoping to see more ground fighting, since there were some great grapplers on the card but it seems like everyone just wants to strike these days even if that is the weakest part of their games. It’s probably due to the pressure the fighter’s feel to be a fan favourite which is understandable, because accomplishing that, will ultimately bring them higher paydays in the future.

What did you think about the card?

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  1. Jay (Thunderlips) says:

    Well Rampage still needs to check those leg kicks, but other than that he was feeling out Silvia for the first round and at the end of the first round he had his range. Rampage has heavy hands but I did not know how good his left was and he showed an improved quicker and sharper stand-up with a devastating left hook. He looked great.

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Jay for the info.

    Damn, wish I saw that fight. Rampage does seem to always improve between fights. Must be one of those guys that’s great to teach things because he pulls it off in action.

  3. Cory Dee says:

    As far as ground fighting goes, Sherdog said this was the first card since UFC9 that hasn’t had a single submission….no one got to collect a submission of the night bonus.

    I couldn’t believe how many flash KO’s Nog took.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No problem Bro, great posts on here and blogs, keep it up dude. I will have to come out soon.

    Jay from the peg

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