UFC 91 – Great Card!


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I just got home from my friends house where I watched the UFC 91 card. What a great night of fights! I don’t think the UFC has ever shown more fights during one broadcast than they did tonight.

I was really excited to watch the main event matchup between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar. It didn’t disappoint. Randy did a fantastic job wrestling with Brock and landed several hard strikes throughout the bout. Brock showed great composure by staying relaxed when pressed up against the cage and during that rare moment when he was put down on his back. He also proved that he can take a shot after absorbing a few clean strikes to his head. I think he will be the champ for quite a while because he seems to be improving with each and every fight. He’s definitely one scary dude!

The card was filled with great submissions, solid striking and one hell of an uppercut. That punch was straight out a video game!

Every time I watch a UFC I get more pumped to get back in there get back at it. This Monday I start lifting weights again with my trainer after nearly a year off. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going. I should be ready to compete in a bjj/wrestling tournament very soon.


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