UFC 90…Quick thoughts


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It’s around 1am, I just finished watching the UFC 90 card. It was a great night of fights. Lots of striking, some nice submissions and a great KO made things very entertaining.

Sean Sherk really impressed me tonight with his striking combinations. He showed great speed and relaxation as his mixed up his punches and kicks, proving his game to be much more well rounded than I originally thought it was. I knew this fight had the potential to be a very exciting one, and it turned out to be exactly that.

The uppercut that Junior Dos Santos caught Fabricio Werdum with to knock him out was thrown well and perfectly timed. I love seeing the look on a fighter’s face when they get their first win in the UFC. He was pumped! I look forward to seeing more of Dos Santos in the future.

In the fight I was most excited about watching, I thought Josh Koscheck was going to be able to take down Alves, but Thiago showed great takedown defense, using nice technique and his strong low center of gravity to prevent all takedown attempts. Josh seemed content to trade on the feet, landing some good punches to both the head and body from the standing position. Koscheck also showed that he has a great chin after absorbing and recovering from some powerful hits. I believe it was Thiago’s leg kicks that won him the rounds. Those were nice!

The main event took a while to get going, but as Anderson Silva and Patrick Cote began to get into the groove, they put on a great show. Silva’s legs are so long he seems to be able to kick his opponents from hallway across the octagon. I felt bad for Patrick Cote when he popped his knee in the third round as that is a terrible way for a fight to end. I hope the two of them can go at it again in the future.

Well I’m off to get some sleep, have to teach some private lessons in the morning. Feel free to post your thoughts about tonight’s fight card in the comment section.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cote VS Silva… that just sucks!!! I know about knee injurys.. I had 3 inside of 2 years back about7-8 years ago! during training….I was exhausted and went to throw a front kick.. and my rear leg buckled what a crappy feeling…lol! that was around 1996 I was 19 and prepoaring to fight in the U.S shidokan..its the organization Shonie Carter got his start in…I later recovered and went on to do some full contact kyokushin karate fighting.. but to this day knee injurys just make my stomach turn……Dion

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Having to pull out of the fight is bad enough, but then you have to get it fixed (probably surgery) and then rehab it until you can train again. Sucks!

    It’s brutal when an injury keeps you from accomplishing a goal, thanks for sharing that Dion.

  3. Dion says:

    He was also doing so well in that fight too! You could see the two of them really starting to get into it:) and then down he goes…:( To me it looked like he tore his ACL? most likely he is going to need surgery….

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