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I purposely avoided reading any mixed martial arts forums on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t want to read the results of UFC 89 before I got a chance to watch the card that night on Spike Tv. The results would have been easy to find since the event was being held in Birmingham, England and due to the time difference the event was over and done with by late afternoon (our time).

It’s always more fun to watch fights without knowing their outcome that’s for sure but I really didn’t find this UFC to be very exciting.

I’ll start with the fight I enjoyed the most, Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor. These guys love to throw leather and they came out to bang. You have to love that kind of fight, where at any moment one fighter could knock the other out due to the aggressive nature of both of their fighting styles. At different times each fighter took some serious hits and got to show off their granite chins. I’m happy that the two of them received the fight of the night bonuses ($40,000 each I believe) as they definitely earned it. At the end of this great scrap Lytle was given the nod by the judges.

The main event was a lackluster one with hometown fighter Michael Bisping opting to fight mostly as a counterpuncher, backing up for most of the match while landing the better of the shots. It was a smart way to fight a guy like Chris Leben as he can prove very dangerous if you choose to stand still and trade punches with him. In the end, a solid strategy by Bisping gave him the win by decision over a bloodied up Leben. I’ve trained with Chris Leben in the past and was hoping he’d land one of the many straight lefts he was throwing but Bisping did a great job of circling away to lessen the impact of any that did land.

Marcus Davis locked in a tight Guillotine on his opponent Paul Kelly halfway through the second round forcing his tough opponent to tap. Before that point, Marcus showed good ring control and striking skill as he stepped in and out of Kelly’s range, throwing some shots and avoiding anything his opponent threw back in return. The fans seemed to want a punching war to ensue between the two popular fighters but it never happened. Marcus Davis fought a smart, technical fight and got the “W” by executing an excellent chokehold.

In a light-heavy weight matchup, Luis Cane was able to TKO his opponent Rameau Theirry Sokoudjou late in the second round. A left hand put down Cane’s powerful looking opponent and Luis wasted no time as he followed up with a barrage of punches until the referee stopped the fight. Up until that point I thought that Sokoudjou was ahead by a small margin.

I had a few things that I had to take care of at home during the bout between Keith Jardine and Brandon Vera so I ended up missing a lot of that fight but I did watch the now frequently used “nipple tweak” performed by Keith moments before the bell rang to start the action. That was scary! After three rounds the judges gave Jardine the victory by split decision.

If you look at Jardine’s record he’s beaten some huge names in Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin and now Brandon Vera. Those are some very impressive wins.

Often, match-ups look great on paper and than turn out less than stellar when actually played out in the cage. I think this was the case for Saturday’s event where the fighter’s fought intelligently and cautiously which in my opinion is usually a smart choice; Well more the intelligent part rather than the cautiousness because being overly cautious usually means your thinking of how not to lose a fight rather than how to win it. Some casual fans, however would rather see two dudes standing face to face, bombing each other in the face until one of them drops. Thankfully the Lytle-Taylor fight satisfied that unspoken request.

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