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I’m finally back lifting weights again with my trainer Eric Wong. Due to my injury I stopped lifting weights for nearly two years as those type of workouts seemed to make my post concussion symptoms worse.

So far I’ve felt great after lifting except for the muscle soreness throughout my body. It’s a good type of pain though. The type that tells me I’m getting stronger and better conditioned every day.

I’m working to put on a few extra pounds of muscle over the next two months. After that I’ll be focusing on my NRG system training as I prepare for competition sometime early into 2009. I’m going to compete in one of the larger U.S submission wrestling tournaments although I have no date set yet. I’m super excited to get back to competition and look forward to all of the intense training ahead of me.

I’ll keep ya posted…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats great to hear jeff.i’ve really been looking forward to seeing you active again.just curious with all the high level submission wrestling tournaments within Canada (i.e. your family’s tournament.can we look forward to seeing you competing in local events against local competition.since it has been shown time and time again that the competition around here is on par if not better than competition in the states


  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Anonymous,

    The level of competition is growing tremendously in Canada. The only problem is that most of the highest level bjj’ers in Canada are teaching, coaching or fighting MMA so it’s rare to find many blackbelts or even brown belts at the local competitions.

    That should change over the next decade as the sport grows in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

    Currently, the World Championships, Pan/American games and of course Abu Dhabi championships are loaded with highest level of competitors.

    Plus I love the road trip idea 🙂 as myself, friends and students can share some good memories of the trip.

    I wouldn’t be able to compete at my own tournament but perhaps someday in the future I may compete locally if given a good opportunity.

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