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Thought I’d throw up a quick training update.

Everything has been going really well in training. I’m been doing a lot of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling lately. Classes are packed, which is allowing me to train with a ton of different partners. My weight is hovering around 195 lbs and my conditioning level is improving daily. Some sessions I end up grappling for 45 minutes straight with seven or eight different guys.

I’ve been having a lot of fun working on many key elements in my ground game lately. Since I don’t have a fight booked, I’m free to play a bit on the mats, practicing new positions, submissions and escapes.

Tonight I have a submission wrestling class at 8pm. I’m looking forward to it…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to hear you doing so well now. Just a question, What are your thoughts on The Rubber guard? Do you see more and more people practicing it? Also I look forward to watching the Alliance BJJ tourney in November.

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    I think the rubber guard can work really well, especially against people who are not used to dealing with it. I have some of my guys that use it well in both bjj and mma.

    Some people use it but it’s not for every body type. That’s what so cool about bjj, people can use many different styles and be successful.

    I’ve seen a few nasty injuries at tournaments when people use the rubber guard. Knees tearing, loud pops. Maybe they’re doing it wrong but man it gross to hear and see it happen.

    Personally I don’t use it, instead I use a different style of guard mixing butterfly, x-guard and a bunch of other positions together.

    For mma I have developed many ways to get back to my feet so I can strike. My style of grappling changes depending on what type of training or competing I’m doing. (with gi, no-gi or mma)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great news that training is going so well.
    I was just wondering what your situation is with UFC. I know they wanted you back, but the injury kind of derailed things. I know you said no fights are booked, but are you still planning to head back there.
    I’d absolutely love to see it.

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