Top Five Martial Arts Movies


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These are the Top Ten Martial Arts Movies as voted by my friends on facebook and Twitter. If I’ve seen it I put down a few of my thoughts regarding each movie. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

1. Bloodsport -Bloodsport is definitely my favourite martial arts movie of all time. Watching it was my first taste of no-rules fighting. My favourite character had to be the American fighter Jackson. I wanted him to win the whole tournament but unfortunately he was too cocky out there.

2. Best of the Best – This movie is not only the second most popular choice for best martial arts movie, it’s mine as well. The main actor, who played Tommy, had some sick skills and my favourite part was when he kicked the cigarette out of the guy’s mouth during the fight inside the bar. I used to do the same thing to my wife every time she smoked. Well, that was until I accidentally hit her one time.

3. Karate Kid – I remember seeing this movie with my father –who started our martial arts school in the 60’s – way back in the day. I think we may have even done a demo at the movie theatre that night to promote our martial arts school. I thought this movie had a great story and it definitely gave a much needed boost to the popularity of martial arts in North America.

4. Enter the Dragon– Being a martial artist; I’m a little embarrassed to say that I never really gotten into the Bruce Lee Movies. I really liked Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story but have failed to watch Mr. Lee’s own martial arts movies. I think I’m going to go rent one of them this week for sure to check it out.

5. Kickboxer – This is another great movie in my opinion. Lots of Action and it had some great fight scenes, each with its own little twist to keep things fresh. My favourite part is when Van Damne’s character approached his Brother –who was played by Kickboxing champ Dennis Alessio—to warn him about the bad guy kicking poles in the back room and his brother does some crazy head movement and just ignores the warning. Funny stuff.

Other movies that nearly made the top five were Ong Bak, Fist of Legend and Game of Death.

With the latest martial arts movies being a little bit disappointing, I hope we will be one day, be able to have the pleasure of watching some that are able to compete with the movies mentioned above. I guess we’ll have to wait for Will Smith’s Karate Kid remake to hit the theatres.

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  1. Harold says:

    oh man, I forgot about best of the best, such an awesome movie

  2. Benny Suff says:

    I think Jackie Chan is getting robbed on this one, but I’ll let it slide…..this time. I’ll put up Drunken Master and Rumble in the Bronx against any movie that has Van Damme finding new ways to do the splits and slow motion jump kicks. Bolo Young was the best part of any movie that the muscles from brussels did.

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