Top 10 Ways To Get Yourself Submitted Quickly in an MMA Fight


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1. Signing a contract to fight someone much better than you

2. Training for the fight with grapplers that possess less ground skill than your opponent

3. Letting your opponent mount you during the fight

4. Turning your back to the opponent when fighting on the ground

5. Sticking your head directly into a guillotine choke when attempting a takedown

6. Allowing a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt to get the top position

7. Expending too much energy early into the fight

8. Applying a Ground & Pound attack too recklessly from inside the opponent’s closed guard.

9. Extending your arms past 90 degrees when mounted, controlled from side or held down with the opponent’s knee on your stomach

10. Allowing yourself to get rocked badly by a strike

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