The Ultimate Fighter?


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First of all let me say that the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show has been the best thing for the sport of mixed martial arts as it has brought our once underground sport to the mainstream masses, given fighters recognition and has provided us with the opportunity to watch the U.F.C on free television.

To be honest I haven’t really watched the ultimate fighter show in the last few years athough I do remember not missing an episode of the earlier season which had Nate Quarry, Chris Leben, Koscheck and Florian in it. After that I’ve had no desire to watch the show. I think it’s partially due to my personal experience at the TUF tryouts a few years back when I nearly made the 185 lb. season (I believe Kalib Starnes represented Canada on that one).

I won’t get into the details right now as to why I didn’t make the final cut but that day I realized that the fighter’s who make it to the show are chosen not because they can fight well, although a few can, but because they fit the mold as to what the producers believe will draw ratings.

I think it’s fair for the producers to do choose fighter’s using their own criteria based on what works for reality tv. It’s their butts on the line if the show fails miserably and honestly who wants to watch a bunch of calm, respectful, professionally acting fighters sitting around the house without beer, arguments and the occasionally scrap. That would be boring as hell for most viewers.

As a fighter I prefer watching the Pay per view and Fight Night events over the reality show because the the technical ability of the fighters during those UFC events is higher.You don’t see as much wild wailing during standup striking and rarely do you see a fighter who does not have a clue about ground fighting.

What do you guys think about the show?

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