Tale of an injury #1 (part 2)


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Sitting up out of bed, I made my way toward the other bed in our hotel room where my team mate’s father, Paul, was lying fast asleep. I hesitated for a few minutes, standing quietly in the middle of the dark room as I assessed the situation. We had such a long weekend and I really didn’t want to wake Paul up in the middle of the night.

Should I go back to sleep? I thought to myself, my mind holding on to the glimmer of hope that my vision would correct itself in time.

Reluctantly, I reached down and moved my hand toward the sleeping man’s shoulder not fully sure of where it actually was. This uncertainty was due to both the darkness of the room and the terrible state my vision was in. Feeling my hand touch his shoulder, Paul woke up, somewhat startled. Ten minutes later we were in his car headed towards Georgetown University Hospital Emergency.

We ended up sitting in emergency for a very long time. I had heard that Washington D.C was a rough, violent city from many of the locals and some of the tourists. The screams and moans I could hear ringing throughout the halls as we waited did nothing to discredit those statements. Paul kept my mind busy by joking around and keeping our talk steady and interesting. Finally after a few hours of waiting, we were called in to see the doctor.

The doctor was an eye specialist and it turned out, luckily for us, that Georgetown University was one of the best places in the entire United States in terms of eye injury treatment. I must admit, hearing that information calmed me slightly during what was by far the scariest time of my entire life.

I underwent a bunch of X-rays and several other eye tests before Paul and I were left to wait a while longer. The doctor, who was a great guy, returned with some good news. It turned out that I had cracked my orbital bone and my eye wasn’t tracking properly due to a muscle that was getting caught up in the fracture. The best news came when he said that my vision should return to normal without treatment if given more time. We headed back to the hotel and I must say I was so glad that I had woken up Paul.

Paul himself has also benefited from our visit to the E.R as that same doctor has diagnosed a small eye problem that had been bothering him for many years. All of the docs Paul had seen back home were unable to do what this doctor did after only one look.

As the doctor had optimistically informed me, a week later, my vision did begin to improve. I remember one morning feeling a popping sensation in my upper cheek when I smiled and after that things gradually returned back to normal. I had promised myself that I would never fight again if my vision normalized but that promise turned out to be very hard to fulfill.

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  1. Keith says:

    Good story, Jeff. Eye injuries are scary.

    I got to ask though, how much did the one US hospital visit cost?

  2. Jason says:

    Good stuff, now I can let out a sigh of relief haha.
    Also, where are your Fight Night preds? There are some entertaining fights coming up on Wednesday.

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