"Tale of an injury" #1 (part 1)


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Part One

Part One

As they called my name to step up onto the main stage, I felt what seemed like a thousand thoughts rush through my mind all at once. The tension within my mind increased with each step that I took up the small staircase that lead to the fighting area. There were many eyes focused on my opponent and I as we lined up face to each other in the final match of the NBL’s (National Black Belt League) middleweight sparring division. The winner would be declared the NBL’s world champ for that year.

The referee started the match and we attacked other immediately. After a minute of action, I had landed several punches and my opponent had scored some well timed kicks. Looking up at the scoreboard I noticed that I was behind quite a few points –kicks were worth twice as much as punches at this tournament– with thirty seconds remaining in the match.

With time running out, I attacked quickly, but halfway into my movement I was struck by another kick. It wasn’t a overly powerful strike but the moment it landed I knew something was wrong. Instantly my vision doubled, which was not an uncommon occurrence after taking a hard smack in the head. What disturbed me was the fact that I was unable to judge distance and I was having a lot of trouble distinguishing which vision of my opponent was the real one. So as to not risk even more serious injury I opted to bow out of the match. At the time I was very disappointed in myself for having done so but looking back now I’m very glad I made that choice.

Thinking my vision would soon correct itself, I decided to rest, spending the night in my hotel room. After a few hours I had noticed no improvement. At that point, I was getting a little scared, scratch that, really scared that the kick had permanently damaged my eyes! I ended up falling asleep, after a few prayers to the man upstairs, with the hopes that I would wake up feeling back to normal. Three hours later –around 2am– I awoke, panic setting in as I realized my vision was still messed up.

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