Police Crack Down on A Canadian Fight Club


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I just came across this article from the Canadian Press:


Police crack down on illegal 100-member fight club in Brandon, Man.
BRANDON, Man. – Police say they have uncovered a fight club that has staged bouts at various locations around Brandon, Man., and posted some of them on YouTube.

Const. Ron Burgess says a group called Brandon Beat Down has held fights at school yards and public parks over the past few weeks. urgess says about 100 teens and adults in their early 20s belong to the group.

He says an investigation began after police started getting complaints from concerned parents about their teenage or young adult children getting injured in fights.

A Brandon man is facing a public mischief charge for allegedly giving a false report to police about the club, and Burgess says others may also face charges.

He says efforts are underway to educate students about the dangers and criminal consequences of taking part in fight clubs.


What the #$%$? How dumb can people be?I think these fight clubs will bring some heat onto the sport of MMA and are really dangerous for everyone who participate in them.

Fighting with proper skill and training, qualified referees and medical staff present still presents some danger to combatants. Fighting in the middle of some park with limited training and no safety measures in place is a recipe for disaster.

The thing that bothers me is that someone’s teenage son could be severely injured or killed while doing something that means nothing. That would be a parent’s worst nightmare coming true.

I think the UFC should help educate people about the dangers of fight clubs and unsanctioned MMA fights by having some of the more popular fighters discuss the topic during their televised events.

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  1. Jim says:

    You could compare this to teenagers hurting themeslves because a rock and roll song “told them to”. You can’t control what people do outside of the sport. There will always be those dumb or influential ones that are prone to stupid behaviour no matter how hard you try to educate them. Perhaps a rags to riches story like Kimbo Slice has encouraged this sort of activity (not started – encouraged) but nobody forces these kids to walk into these situations. It’s not like innocent people are being accosted on the sidewalk in the name of MMA. These guys are willfully walking into a situation where they can be seriously harmed or killed. It’s called natural selection.


  2. Jason says:

    It’s interesting you brought this up, I came across a Dr.Phill clip on youtube that had Dana White, Kenny Florian and Forrest Griffin confronting two teens who were holding fights at their school.
    Definitely not a smart thing to do.

  3. Jeff S says:

    These idiots have caused a black eye for MMA. Just when we are starting to win over society by proving that MMA is a skilled competition between honorable competitors, crap like this pops up in the press. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back…

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