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Here’s a picture of myself in the middle of my final cardio training session before my fight with Josh Koscheck at UFC fight night.

I wish we had video recorded this workout because it was insane! A workout made up of five 5 minute rounds, consisting of a bunch of exhausting exercises. I remember swearing profusely at my conditioning coach sometime near the end of it all but I never stopped.

As you can see the weather was terrible that day. I jumped, sprinted, lifted, pushed and pulled for 25 minutes in the cold November weather while mud and water seeped through my clothes making it even more of a challenge.

It was because of these intense training sessions which Eric would put me through, that I was able to put in three hard rounds inside the octagon during Spike TV’s UFC fight night.

It’s been said that the fight is easier than the training. I definitely agree!

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  1. Jason says:

    Looks/Sounds like fun! You’ll have to put me through that sometime 😉

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