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This pic was taken in 2005, one day before I fought Jon Fitch at Freedom Fight. Gary Goodridge coached the five of us as we represented Canada versus a five fighter team from the United States.

Pictured from left to right are Krystoff Soszynski, Joe Doerksen, Gary Goodridge, Me, Todd Gouwenberg and Bill Mahood. It was a great experience to fight on a team with these tough fighters.

Taken after a workout that we did for television purposes, we were all wiped out at this point from cutting weight. I’m sure our techniques may have been a little weak in the videos they filmed. Krystoff had been cutting weight throughout the entire day and probably lost over 25lbs to make weight. That was impressive!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wiped out from weight cutting or not, I wouldn’t want to tick you guys off!!! Great pic though, thanks for sharing…. Kim

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gary Goodridge looks scary as hell.

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