Outside the Cage #3


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“Great Fight!” the grey haired man yelled at me from across the busy store, startling a few people who were standing near him at the time. “You have to do more squats!” he continued as he was leaving through the exit doors of the Shopper’s Drug Mart. I smiled at him and to myself a bit as I walked up to the counter to pay for the items I was holding in my hands.

It isn’t very often that I get fight tips from fans, but when I do; their suggestions are sometimes very strange. I don’t mind hearing their ideas at all, in fact I really like it when people approach me to talk about my fights, other fights, or mixed martial arts in general. One of the reasons I compete is so I can share the excitement, tension, and stories with many other people.

There was another time when a girl stopped me as I was leaving a night club. “Hey! Your Jeff Joslin right?” I nodded, smiled and grabbed a seat on a nearby step as I waited for my friends to come out of the club. I guess the girl must have taken martial arts because she proceeded to show me a series of techniques that she claimed would work “really well” during my next fight. My one friend that was now outside standing beside me was giving me a weird looks — I think he wanted to me to tell her to shut up or something — as the girl threw kicks and punches in the air some flying inches away from my face. Even though her moves probably would have got me killed in the cage, I thanked her for her help.

I’m guessing many fighters encounter these types of situations when talking with fans. It’s all part of the game. Will more squats help? Probably not. Will I trust a fans technique over those drilled into my brain by my trainers. No way. But, I do enjoy every moment that I spend talking to fans and genuinely appreciate their support. So keep those crazy tips coming! 🙂

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  1. WillTap4Food says:

    LOL…very funny. Im no fighter but one of the guys that comes over to train with us really wants to show us “street jujitsu” I tried telling him its not really the type of fighting we want to train. It was funny at the time.


    Its the best example I have. Maybe this will help you on your next fight. jk 🙂

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