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Several months after my fight with Josh Koscheck, I was out with a few of my friends at a bar in Hamilton. We were having a good time, and three or four drinks later things an even better time. I was working my way through a crowd of people when I noticed two monstrous guys standing ahead of me. As I started to walk by the two giants, I notice that both of them were staring directly at me. It was the type of stare that I don’t usually experience, the “I’m gonna punch your face in” stare.

Immediately after passing by, I tossed my beer bottle, which was still three quaters full, onto the bar. In the past I’ve had to fight one time after drinking way too much and let’s just say I didn’t bring my A game. B game was enough to survive but I’ll save that story for another OTC post.

Back to this story. I scanned the bar for my friends and spotted one of them. Reaching him I quickly told him about what was happening and for some strange reason he kept drinking. The two guys who had been staring were now looking over at both us, through the crowd as we talked to each other.

Normally I might not have noticed or not really worried about it, but these guys were huge! I wasn’t going to have another drink while they were there just to be safe. Several hours later, the bar closed and the bouncers were moving everyone towards the main door. Myself and two of my friends stepped outside onto the street and looking at the those two others in my group I noticed that neither was in any shape to fight off anyone. Both were staggering a bit and were quickly distracted by any good looking and no so good looking girl that walked by.

During the final hour we spent inside the bar, I hadn’t seen the two large guys at all. Now outside, I looking around, I spotted the two of them, about 10 feet away from me, still staring directly at me!

I thought to myself. The night was over, I had no fun at all, and now I have to defend myself against these two @#$%&*@ guys.

The two guys approached me slowly. I kept my distance, staying just outside the range where either of them could punch or kick me. One of the guys raised his hand quickly placing it in front of me, palm open with his thumb turned upwards. He yelled “Big Fan!”. What!?!? I thought to myself as I tried to grasp what was happening. The guy just wanted to say hi. I felt relieved and smiled as I shook his hand. We talked for a few minutes about mma then the two guys left and I headed home.

It wasn’t the best night but I guess it’s better to prepare for the worst just in case. Next time someone stares at me like that I think I’ll finish my beer.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Great story, but when are you going to tell the hibiscus story??!


  2. Mike Moser says:

    As a professional MMA fighter, others are going to challenge or measure themselves and the streets is where its bound to happen the most.
    Worst case, they lose to a pro and best case is they (think) a win is possible.

    Story is a great reminder to any professional in this sport to be ready for anything… just in case.

  3. I must say I got in what one might assume is a tussle this weekend and remembered why I don’t go to clubs.

    It was my buddies 26th birthday and we were all going pretty hard with the boozing. We ended up at this club in Yaletown (Vancouver) with bottle service and the whole nine. After the group polished four bottles of Goose I figured it was best to just go get a beer and save some of the insane cost of drinking bottles at the club. As I made my way to the bar, in my rather large stumbly state, I accidently bumped into a guy and he spilled his drink. Now he must have been pretty hammered too because he threw a punch at me that I quickly dodged, then spun him around and started to choke him out. The fact I could do this means he had to be hammered because I’d have difficulty doing that to Gary Coleman in the state I was in. Needless to say we both got tossed for “fighting” all be it I’m not so sure you can call one missed punch and a super sloppy standing RNC a fight.

    I’ll be sticking to my pubs from now on…

  4. Mike Samson says:

    HAHA,.. I remember you telling me this when you were down here in St Johns,… too funny.

  5. Archie Yabut says:

    nice one Sensei Jeff. hahaha! loved your story. good thing i still remember and written down all our basic self-defense in BJJ.

    Take it easy.

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