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I didn’t get much training in today, instead I spent the first half at the day at the veterinarian hospital with a dog eye specialist. My wife wanted to get a dog a few months ago, and I kind of just go with the flow, so I said sure…whatever. I didn’t know she wanted to get the biggest kind of dog there is. The dog is only 5 and a half months old and already weighs 90lbs. It’s a female english mastiff. If anyone has any mastiff tips, throw them my way since I’ve never had a dog/small horse 🙂 before.

Well anyway the vet charged $285 for the visit and now we have to pay for a $1700 surgery procedure to fix her eyelids. I think I might have to raise my fight purse prices now :).

I did manage to get into the gym a few hours ago to train in an mma class. Most of the time I train my stand-up, groundwork and wrestling separately but on Mondays and Saturdays I usually get to mix’em all together. In tonight’s class we worked on some double leg takedown variations, a few kicking combinations and worked on some ground work . It is awesome to be back on the mats working up a sweat. The concussion had prevented me from doing anything strenuous a long time which really sucked.

Well, time to get some sleep…

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  1. tim says:

    Dogs can be expensive. are her eye lashes inverted? good to hear your back training. good luck in the future.

  2. Dion says:

    Hey Jeff!

    I dont know much about Mastiffs…but I do know a Awesome! VET! Dr.Angela Whelan shes on Cootes Drive in Dundas across from Canadian Tire…I take all my dogs there and shes awesome! she truly cares!!!:)

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