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This picture was taken during my fight with Jon Fitch (click to watch rnd.3) at Freedom Fight. A headbutt to my nose had caused it to bleed heavily early into the fight. As the fight progressed and sweat built up, the blood coming out of my nose thickened and started to bother me a little bit.

After the fight I remembered a moment when I had grabbed a thick strand of my blood that was hanging from my nose and tossed it though the ropes in some random direction. I joked with the promoter later on that night about doing so, and mentioned to him that I hoped that no one sitting at ringside was hit by it. He laughed so loud and told me that his friend has caught my bloody mess in his beer and was pumped about it!

Here’s the pic the promoter sent me weeks later to verify his claim.

If I would have known ealier, I would have bought the guy a beer!

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  1. Jay Doyle says:

    Sweeeeeeeet, nothing like bloody beer at the fights.

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