GSP Corner Man Greasing?


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George St. Pierre’s spectacular victory over lightweight UFC champ BJ Penn has been overshadowed by controversy this week.

The Penn camp has stated that they will be filing a formal complaint that St.Pierre used a “greasing agent” during his main event fight at UFC 94. There are a many short video images floating around the net showing different times during the fight where people think Vaseline on GSP’s body played a factor.

Are the accusations true? That would be a difficult thing to prove after the fact. There was a point in the fight where BJ began worked his high/rubber type guard to successfully lock GSP’s shoulders inside. St.Pierre made a tiny movement and slipped out of danger. I remember asking myself, why was that so easy? That position normally is a pain in the ass to get out of especially against a guy who favours using it and has great flexibility.

I never thought more about it after that but when videos of GSP’s corner-man –the guy carrying and applying the Vaseline between round — were posted showing him rubbing GSP chest, shoulders and back several times I admit that I became a little suspicious. That was not a very professional move on his part.

It definitely wouldn’t be fair if GSP’s camp did use Vaseline on the body to gain a small advantage as he is tough enough to beat on an even playing field.

Regardless if the allegations are true or untrue, all fight camps should learn from this and the guys administering the Vaseline should not touch their fighter anywhere but the face.

George fought extremely well delivering great takedowns, strong pressure, slick guard passes and some powerful ground and pound. I don’t think any amount of vaseline was responsible for that much domination.

How does everyone feel about this?

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  1. "The John!" says:

    I was goping for BJ. But he got manhandled. It was par for the course for him at 170. Come out, win or at least hold his own in the 1st round, and then fade and get stopped. I think vaseline is a cheap and shows poor sportsmanship & fear BUT I don't think it changed the outcome of the fight and I wouldn't even want to see a rematch at this point.

  2. Taylor says:

    I think this is a huge excuse to make BJ feel better about getting dominated. As greg jackson said when they were touching his back and chest its a breathing technic they were using. And when the CSAC seen this they ran in the run grabbed a towel and rubbed it off, both GSP and greg jackson have said this. GSP and Greg jackson are both to high profile and both very good in the game to need to use such tactics. Look how in depth the game plan was to get blood rushing into his shoulders to slow his punches down, and to beat on his thoratic cage because ppl with flexible hips medically have weaker thoratic cages. If they go in depth that much on a game plan I highly doubt they meant to put it on his back. And not only that when he touched his back he was done greasing him, so their coulda been the most minute spec of it left.

  3. Killer says:

    I don’t know about it giving GSP and advantage. You can reference multiple sources from Keith Kizer where he mentioned they rubbed “very, very hard” to get any and all ointment off GSP during rounds. He even makes mention that felt very little, if any vasoline was on the cornerman’s hands. I really think when BJ was working to get his hips higher, he was already out of gas at that point and probably mentally defeated as well. As for it being a pain in the ass to get out of, we’re talking about a guy (BJ) people have fits trying to takedown and he apparently has an “impassable” guard. GSP proved he is no “run of the mill” fighter. He did all that, many times.

    Plus, if Penn was so determined to make working off his back the gameplan, why the hell did he fight the takedown so much? I really think he thought he would stand and own GSP on the feet. GSP just came the more prepared fighter that night, better conditioning, better gameplan and better prepared for a war. Penn looked lost entering the ring, I don’t think he ever stood a chance in that fight.

    It’s sad something as insignificant as a mistaken application of the Vasoline will taint what was a dominant performance. What’s even more depressing is you have a guy like Mayhem Miller talking about how he felt GSP was greased during their fight, which was never even close. Was GSP even training with Tri-Star at that point? I know he wasn’t with Greg Jackson.

    Really, I was as surprised as any how easily BJ got manhandled. I don’t think a couple errant applications of vasoline did Bj in, he did himself in.

  4. rick says:

    any type of dishonesty is uncool. professional athletes cheating is unacceptable. that being said, i think georges might have been unaware as he was likely very focused on bj and not so much what his corner was doing. is he to blame? no. he did not apply the vaseline. should his cornerman be reprimanded, fined, or have some sort of disciplinary action taken against him? maybe. when it was noticed, gsp was wiped down with a towel to ensure no continued advantage, if any. besides, vaseline on your back doesn’t help you punch someone in the face. bj is a great athlete and a spectatcular fighter, but he was bested by a bigger, stronger athlete who has better cardio and a more superior work ethic. bj, his camp, and his fans had to have known that carrying that extra weight was going to cause him problems. i think if they did it again the outcome would be similar. by complaining about this, bj’s camp risks be seen as sore losers. i think it would behoove bj to remain at 155 an do his best to dominate there. secure your legacy at 155 instead of conceeding to ego and attempting to fight in as many weight classes as possible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope everyone knows that vaseline ..whether how hard you wipe does not come off completely… Soap and water and scrubbed off is the way to get rid of vaseline off your body… I am a GSP fan or was a GSP fan ..still am. I admired his skills and technique but having any type of exterior advantage is unethical. Anything can happen in a fight. So what if GSP had some good shots??? I agree he did….BUT anything can happen in a fight.. Just takes that one right move (and if BJ Penn could have locked GSP…may it have changed??? No one knows!!! But it sure it would helped him to at least defend himself????

    And I don’t know if it’s true but I read somewhere that his cornerman said that he was just doing what GSP asked him to do.

    BECAUSE I remember as well ..thinking… why did it slip off that easily especially with a guy like BJ???? It didn’t just slip once! It kept slipping.. it didn’t make sense to me. How could someone like BJ Penn not be able to get his guard up!

    Also..that’s just how BJ Penn looks on camera.

    BTW, if GSP is going to have such an intrique game plan …why wouldn’t he do that?

    I would have liked to see a clean honest fight. For GSP to say he wanted to win this time without any controvery??? OOOPS! He did it again, in my opinion…

    and! if the cornerman rubbed gsp’s back…and normally wouldn’t they just rub up and down??? why was he rubbing in circles????? unless there was vaseline deliberately to rub on his back?

  6. B says:

    I think it was a HUGE advantage for GSP in the first couple rounds. I think he would of won the fight regardless but it definitely leaves a black eye on the victory. Jason “Mayham” Miller and Shawn Sherk have also claimed that GSP greased during their fights.

  7. Jennifer Green says:

    I agree with Taylor…just a lame excuse for BJ to feel better about getting schooled.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GSP was just too big and too strong for BJ, sure he put his legs up but GSP made sure to keep his head above bjs to help keep his legs down. When you fight that many rounds you sweat and are slippery regardless, that combined with his strength is the reason BJ couldn’t keep his legs up.

    Pat Militech release a statement what he thought “You guys are retards. I asked Jeremy to put some on my neck and shoulders and he misunderstood and did what I asked. I then said water and he poured it on my neck.

    The same is true with the witchdoctors techniques when he works on a fighter. He’s worked on me and and I have seen him work on Matt Hughes. There was no cheating involved in either occasion and simply one misunderstanding between fighter and corner in my fight and one use of message techniques to help GSP.”

    I cant link the gif thats with it. Either way the CSAC said they wiped it off good so there is no problem, GSP by rape 🙂 Bj look nervous from the walk down and after the first fight he seemed like he knew it was over, which is why he quit! so much for fight to the death.

  9. Jeff Joslin says:

    Great points guys. George dominated the fight in every way but if there was vaseline used on the shoulder area it would have caused a huge problem for BJ that night, as his guard was the last line of defense against George’s strong ground and pound game.

    Although he did have a bunch of other problems to deal with too namely takedowns and GSP’s conditioning edge.

  10. B says:

    Post from Mayhem Miller on the Under Ground during discussion about GSP greasing. Someone posts “sore losers always make excuses” Mayhem responds ” Naw man, I probably would’ve had my ass beat anyways, but its true, unless he sweats crisco.

  11. B says:

    Post from Matt Hughes Blog

    FightyMcFighterFace – “Now, on to what everybody is talking about, the greasing. I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has mentioned it and, even in their first fight, I think BJ said something. I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.”

    From Matt-Hughes.com Blog

  12. Anonymous says:

    i like how matt hughes only says he felt greasy in the two fights he lost.
    exuse master

  13. Anonymous says:

    olso if u watch the fight there were very few times bj actually went for a high guard.
    and like in most of gsp’s fights due to his strength and the size of his shoulders he always has been very good at avoiding anytype of sumissions from the opponents guard

  14. Anonymous says:

    i don’t think bj was making excuse for not winning.. basically i think that perhaps.. bj could have defended himself on the ground better if gsp wasn’t greased up. and if other fighters mentioned the same thing before from different fighters and previous to this fight…i think it’s too co-incidental. sure, gsp was stronger, better in his conditioning etc but it’s a matter of winning by decision or TKO. Perhaps bj may not have gone with TKO if he could have defended himself…. anyway, gsp can kiss my ass! I used to like his style of fighting and admire his skills but yesterdays fight was pretty boring to watch. It was almost like an ammature style fighting.. Well I guess he did whatever it took just to win and keep the belt…i agree gsp fought smart, had a good game plan but i expected more from him that night. i’m not impressed by his fighting on sat.. he just fought like a bully using his weight and size over bj and that’s not (for me personally)why i liked watching him in the beginning.

  15. Anonymous says:

    personally i think that corner just wanted to feel up GSP probably had the hots for GSP…the way he smoothed the vaseline over his chest!!! dayam!! like he was doing ever soo delicately… like he was enjoying it or something… weird i say! i would attach the vid for you guys, but i can’t.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hear GSP and Penn 3 in the summer? they could have 100 rematches and they would all be the same outcome! GSP Victorious each and every time, Penn is not even a workout for GSP! go back to 155 BJ!LOL!

  17. Cory LaSalle says:

    I love how everyone hates on Bj . Its funny because the fact of the matter is that is not Penn’s weight class by no means. Any real fighter knows that it is 10 times harder to put weight on the to take it off. Penn dominates at 155 so I dont so what the big deal is for him losing to GSP , yeah maybe he talked alot of shit , But thats what fighters do . Thats what hypes up that certain fight.

    Everyone just needs to stop hating and enjoy the sport for what it is

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