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Just got up from Monday night mma class…Had an awesome training session. Started off with a good 10 minute stretch followed by some ab work. My conditioning level is getting a lot better lately.

I focused on a important position tonight, when you’re on your back and the opponent is standing over top of you trying to pound you into the canvas. We started with how to control from the bottom to safely keep the top fighter away. Then we worked a few styles of up kicks from the bottom and followed up with a combination into a single leg takedown. After that we rolled for three five minute rounds with small gloves and very light strikes. I had the class do a final 5-minute conditioning round to end the class, which really tested them but they managed to finish. It was alot of fun.

This morning I headed out to Mississauga to train with my striking coach Vito Brancaccio . It was only my second time back with him in a long time but it felt great to hit the pads again. I actually don’t feel too bad even after such a layoff, especially after Vito cleaned up a few little things. There is a difference between knowing all of the details of a move and having your muscle memory finely tuned to nail them all perfectly. It should take me a month or two to get everything sharp again. In a few weeks I’ll video tape one of our workouts so you can check it out.

Overall I had a great day of training and it feels great to be doing it all again.

Oh yeah, I filmed some video from the Sub-x tournament on the weekend and will put it up here soon.

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