Finally. The Ninja suit gets some action!


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I have had the damn thing in the closet for 3 years and have never got to wear it. A black genuine Ninja suit –from a martial arts supplier not a costume store– with everything I need to look the part aside from any dangerous weapons of course. For some reason or another I never got the chance to bust it out for the last two Halloweens but this year things were different.

Last night, since it was October 31st, I threw on my Ninja gear so that the kids and I could take pictures together with our costumes on. My daughter Kaiya was dressed up as a beautiful queen, my son Tayzen a masked gangster. We got some pretty good pics, one of which my wife already threw up as her profile pic on face book which is a little embarrassing but whatever.

Anyways, as I was about to change back into my regular clothes when my daughter, who I was about to take out so that she could trick or treat around the neighborhood for a few hours, told me that I looked awesome and asked if I would wear the outfit outside as we stormed house to house in search of candy. I said that I would but felt a wave of nervousness pass through my body as the words left my mouth. I guess walking the streets in Ninja Mode was a little out of my comfort zone. The fact that it was still light out didn’t help much either. Regardless, I took it as a person challenge and as a competitor I took the first few steps out the front door with Kaiya’s pillowcase in hand.

Once on the street, we hit the first house. When the young girl came out to give my daughter a handful of candy, I let out a huge laugh. I think she thought I was laughing at her costume but that wasn’t the case at all. I laughed because I felt like an idiot being dressed up like I was when no one else was really out with their costumes on yet. After that awkward moment we moved on with our journey.

As it got a little darker, I began to relax a bit. That`s when my daughter and I began to really have some fun.

“This is my favourite holiday Daddy!” she told me at one point during the night, face smiling as she looked down into her hands that were filled with a small mountain of candy that some lady had just given her.

Throughout the night I received a few compliments on my costume from some 7th or 8th graders which made me feel pretty cool, and a few people screamed “Ninja!” as they drove by. At one point, I think some chubby father actually tried to pick a fight with me as well.

Stopping beside me with a large masked friend of his beside him, as his daughter and my daughter trick or treated the same house, he spoke.

“Remember when I punched you out?” he said to me.

“No, I think that was my cousin.” I quickly replied in a joking manner, my face still fully cloaked inside my ninja hood.

“No,no,no. It was you. I recognize those eyes.” he said before pausing for a moment. “Yes, I think I punched out your parents too.”  he continued, his friend commenting to him something about him being mean.

A quick vision of his daughter witnessing her father being smacked around by what appeared to be a real ninja made me realize that subduing the man wouldn’t be the best move.  How could a child ever forget that? I didn’t say another word. I simply smiled underneath my mask and headed on my way once my daughter was beside me again.

Arriving home a few hours later, we entered our house after passing by the awesome pumpkins that my wife had meticulously carved the day before. Our hands were absolutely freezing but my daughter was so happy. She had filled up two bags with candy on the trip and in a few seconds all of it was in the middle of our living room floor. I even got to eat of few of the things she didn`t like. Not a bad deal at all.

A hour of so later my son got in from the Halloween adventure that he had with a few of his friends from the neighborhood. He did pretty good as well.

Next year, I`ll be working on getting the wife to dress up with us on Halloween. That`s going to be tough. I look forward to the challenge!

Here’s a few pics of the pumpkins my wife carved into jack-o-lanterns.

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  1. Alain Mineault says:

    Impressive work on the jack-o-lanters!!! Ever notice when your costumed with a mask and trick or treating, how you keep smiling all the time and then you realise nobody see’s the smile!!!

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