Who's your favourite UFC fighter?


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With so many events being held, the UFC’s stable of fighters has grown a lot over the last short while.

There is a large variety of styles being displayed in the octagon as some fighters favour fighting on the ground while other prefer to strike. A group of them aim to win fights by applying submission holds while others seem anxious to simply smash their opponent’s in the face with the hopes of winning by knockout.

Which fighter do you love to watch?

I’m really enjoying watching Lyoto Machida fight lately. His quickness, power and unorthodox style is a refreshing display of skill. Also, he seems to be a humble minded and a genuine good guy in all of his interviews. “I love you Joe Rogan!” That was awesome!

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  1. Jason Binder says:

    I don’t know if it’s the fact that he’s Canadian or not, but I love watching GSP fight. He’s always entertaining and a true champion.
    Runners up would probably be Wanderlei Silva and Rampage, each for obvious reasons.

  2. Brad says:

    I would have to say that GSP would be my favorite fighter as he is canadian and just a gifted fighter that adapts his style to his apponents to secure his victory..
    As far as other choices chuck lidell,gotta love the knockout abilities, Jeff Joslin..gotta love the hometown boy who has fantastic ju-jitsu skills…last but not least the Irish handgrenade gotta like the ones that like to hang and bang …

  3. Andre says:

    Like you Jeff, I’m a big fan of Machida also, for pretty much the same reasons you said. It’s nice to see something different for a change in terms of stand up as it seems mma is dominated by muay thai for the most part.

    A very close second would be Anderson “Spider” Silva, I love how calm and casual he is when he fights, he is probably the most relaxed fighter ever, not to mention is speed, power and timing are amazing also.

  4. Chace says:

    I’ve been a Randy Couture fan since UFC 31. i liked forrest until he ran from the octogon after silva embarassed him. RANDY all the way.

  5. Taj says:

    My favs are bj penn, anderson silva and joe lauzon

  6. stephen says:

    frank mir and kimbo slice even thow he lost

  7. Jeff S says:

    GSP is my definite favorite to watch just because of his awesome skill and athletic abilities. He also has a psychological edge that wears down his opponents. Second, I like Spencer Fisher. He’s highly skilled and will stand and trade with anybody..but as Jeff would say, he’s getting uglier every fight for it!

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