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Last night was the first time I sat and watched an entire Elite XC card. I thought the production was good, the crowd looked packed and I was excited to see how most of the fights played out.

It was extremely disappointing to find out, right at the beginning of the broadcast, that Ken Shamrock wasn’t going to be able to fight due to an injury (cut) he received while doing a light workout. What the #$%^? My buddy thought I was gonna cry when I heard that. I was looking forward to that fight!

Ken did look very upset and embarrassed when he was interviewed. It must have sucked to go on national tv and say you hurt yourself while warming up. I wonder if he still got paid.

Here’s my take on the fights.

Benji Radach Vs. Murilo Rua
I loved the first moments of the Radach/Rua fight as they traded back and forth each landing shots, Radach landing some hard ones! Rua definitely showed a great chin by recovering from those serious hits. It would have been cool to see Rua pull out the win after surviving that early assault, but it didn’t happen. I look forward to seeing Radach fight again.

Gina Carano Vs. Kelly Kobald
Gina Carano showed some good takedown defense when up against Kelly Kobold, but their style match-up, made for an uneventful fight. My favourite moment, aside from the weigh-ins 🙂 was when Gina let loose with those combos right before the final bell sounded. Those was nice.

Jake Shields Vs. Paul Daley
When the main event of Shamrock/Kimbo was cancelled, the fight between Jake Shields and Paul Daley became the match I was looking forward to the most. I’ve heard great things about Daley’s striking and the same about Shield’s grappling.

Daley showed good skill in stopping many of Shields’ takedowns but once the fight hit the ground he wasn’t able to do much to escape the dangerous, exhausting positions that Shields was repeatedly putting him in. Jake Shields ended up getting a nice arm lock from the mount position.

Andrei Arlovski Vs. Roy Nelson
I wasn’t too sure as to who would win this fight and almost bet on Nelson with my friends. I thought Nelson looked slick on the ground, pulling off some good ground control and guard passes. Arlovski looked calm under pressure and ended up KO’ing his opponent by landing some great kick/punch combinations.

Kimbo Vs. Seth Petruzelli
What an opportunity for Seth to shock the world, and he did just that! Did you see his face when he won? It was a look of total shock and surprise that lasted for a while. After dropping Kimbo with an awkward looking punch, he jumped in quickly to finish his monster of an opponent with a quick attack of punches. I’m glad the referee gave Kimbo a few seconds to see if he could recover, because there is nothing worse than a main event fight being stopped too early. As I mentioned in my last Video Blog, I like watching Kimbo, he seems like a cool guy who brings a lot of excitement to the sport. I look forward to seeing him fight again. Who will Petruzelli fight next? Whoever it is, it will be interesting to see if he can climb up the ranks.

Overall I enjoyed the Elite XC show. It’s great to see M.M.A on free television during primetime hours. Hopefully it continues…

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