Elite XC Folds!…Your thoughts?


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Anytime a mixed martial arts promotion goes out of business it causes a disturbance within the entire mma community. It affects fighters, managers and fans that supported or were directly involved with that fallen organization.

With the collapse of Elite XC, many of their fighters will now move on to other organizations such as the UFC, Affliction or to any one of the numerous promotions scattered throughout North America.

The problem for many of the fighters that are now looking for someplace new to fight is most of them will end up making less money than they were while fighting for Elite XC. Fewer promotions equals less competition between companies which gives an advantage to the promoters over the athletes in terms of fighter pay.

The people who would benefit the most from a monopolized market are the fans. If one company were to stand alone without any substantial competition the world’s top fighters will be forced to join the roster of that organization –if they want to make the most money and become recognized– and fans will finally get to see which mixed martial artists are truly the best in the world.

As fighters, we risk our health each time we step into the ring or cage. We put our regular lives on hold to train as much as we can during any free time that what have. It’s the fighters that the fans are coming to see. It’s the fighters who when things don’t go well, feel the pain and have to go to work the next week regardless of any injuries they may have sustained.

I would love to see many organizations thrive and succeed in the fight promotion game. It’s important that fighters make the money they deserve, especially those fighting in the top promotions where massive amounts of money is being made. If multiple mma promotions are doing well, many more fighters will get the opportunity to make good money and established fighters will make more money as companies compete to make them sign into their organization.

In the end, more promotions will bring more money to the fighters which will give mma athletes the freedom to train more regularly since they will then be to support themselves and their families as professional fighters. For us fans, we will get to watch stronger, faster and technically sound fighters do battle inside the cage/ring on a consistant basis. What more could we ask for?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. cory says:

    I also like to think that it helps fighters, politically. The current problem is that if a guy like Couture has problems with the UFC, he has no where else to go. Maybe Affliction or Pride, but in North America there’s no true competition.

    Fighters hands get tied, not just financially, but politically as well.

    If you have a problem with your boss in your 9 to 5, you can go work for the next guy, down the street. Fighters don’t really have that option.

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