Do you like watching boxing?


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I personally enjoy watching boxing for many reasons. First of all, you see punching ability at its finest. I enjoy the multiple punch combinations, great head movement and hand speed that makes boxing unique from other stand-up arts plus it’s great to see punches thrown with maximum leverage and perfect balance.

The punching ability in mixed martial arts and other striking arts still has a long way to go to match the skill of pure boxers in that regard although a fighter doesn’t necessarily have to excel at boxing to be successful in the sport of MMA. It is a huge advantage as a fighter, however, to have great strikes with your hands as long as your wresting and ground game is strong enough to keep you standing long enough to take advantage of it.

The only downfall about watching boxing is that I generally have a feeling of who is going to win a match early into the fight where as in mixed martial arts I am never certain of who the victor will be. That’s the reason I believe MMA is the more exciting spectator sport.

It’s great to have many different types of combat sports to watch. Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts all present combat and head to head competition in different ways and under different rules but each sport is exciting in its own right.

Hopefully in the future we see more television coverage of the many combat sports we all love to watch.

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