Contact Sport Injuries?


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ankle_injury_op_800x687I’ve had my share of injuries over the years and was wondering about yours. What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained while playing a sport?

My worst injury would have to be my last concussion. The strange thing about concussions is that each one you get seems to be a little worse than the previous one. I remember getting my first concussion, during a hockey game when I was around 13 years old. I felt messed up for a bit that night but the next day I felt fine. Concussions seemed like a minor injury then. Not true.

Enough about me, tell me about your worst sports related injury…

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  1. lynn says:

    Ok, that pic almost made me toss! TFM!!

    Never had anything as serious or life altering as a concussion, but had plenty of others, none from contact sports, all self-inflicted:

    broke elbow striking bottom of pool at 3m springboard competition. 2 mos in cast, 2 yrs in PT/OT, still only 80% ROM in joint.

    broke couple bones in foot cracking it on balance beam during crash landing from missed aerial manoeuvre, wore cast to senior prom, didn’t go well with my dress.

    fav injury – was 12 or so, snapped middle finger of right hand at middle joint punching out of last back flip of a tumble line. at least that splint was fun to wear!

    broke my thumb and sprained wrist Xcounty skiing, then I broke my mother’s ankle as she was trying to get me to hospital, but without video evidence no one would ever believe that one….but the video would have won AFV $100G prize! unfortunately that thumb is still a major issue for me all these years later, so it’s turned out to be the worst of them all.

    hope you’re better soon, Jeff

  2. Jason says:

    Did you see the news about the MMA fighter who recently broke his neck very early in his last fight?
    Scary stuff, worst injury I’ve heard of in a legal MMA match. Could’ve happened in a wrestling, bjj or judo match, clearly not a result of MMA but rather a freak accident.

  3. mmablaster says:

    *The most dangerous sport in the world by far is fishing! Pretty crazy.

    My worst is a broken arm making a tackle in highschool football when a defensive back hit the guy I was tackling causing my wrist to buckle. I came back and played the rest of the season with a cast four weeks later. During wrestling season a couple months later, I broke that same arm with an 11-0 record.while attempting a throw from a Russian tie-up. Going into shock sucks.

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