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If you could please attempt to comment on this post that would be great. I recently made some adjustments to the site and think maybe it messed up the commententing feature. Just typing “test” or whatever else you want to say will be fine. Thanks!

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  1. Jim Flesher says:

    hey Jeff it took a while to load up , just giving you a reply, never done this or been on a page of this type before . Hope it helped. Jim

  2. Mike Kersey says:

    test test. what gear do we NEED for the MMA class and what would you recommend that is optional?

  3. Tyler says:

    Testing comments section..

  4. craig taylor says:

    test ,how you doin man hope all is well bro lookin forward to seein you soon

  5. Debbie Del Fabbro says:

    Happy Easter !

  6. Melissa says:

    I don’t know what to sayy lol
    but you can atleast check if it’s working…

    when’s the next fight?

  7. Lance says:


  8. Paul Sheridan says:

    Sorry I missed you on the 27th. I came to the seminar but your secretary wanted cash and I only had plastic. Not a lot of ATMS in Hamilton. By the time I found one it was well past 2pm. Maybe next time. Miss training with you Sensei. Hope these comments are good enough of a test.

  9. Mike Duckworth says:

    Hey see you wednesday

  10. Came up quick looks like its working okay o nice BLOG PAGE!

  11. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Everyone, looks like it’s working again. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

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