Can Kimbo win "The Ultimate Fighter"?


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I was just watching Spike TV and the commercial for the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter” was shown. Kimbo Slice was featured throughout most of it. I must admit that I might start watching the show again just to see how he does.

Can he win the show? Will he somehow be given fights that will showcase his strengths and not expose his weaknesses? Time will tell but I’m certain there won’t be a lack of drama in the house with Kimbo around.

I really don’t think he’ll make it to the finals. If he does, that’s great for him as it will build him back up as a contender, regaining some of the hype he lost when he was KO’d by Seth Petruzelli in Elite XC.

What are your thoughts about Kimbo and the upcoming season of the ultimate fighter?

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  1. I think he has the ability to take out a couple of fighters. I’m with you in the sense I would be shocked if he won the whole thing, but he has a decent amount of mildly experienced fighters to beat up if the cards are pulled the right way. Additionally there was an interview from the UFC fan expo where Roy Nelson was praising him and his abilities – saying he expected him to be in the sport for a long time. Thats not exactly something you would say about a guy who flamed out in the first fight – or even won one but fizzled when things got tough.

    My guess – he makes it into the final four and gains a lot of respect from people, but gets beat by a guy like Sims or Nelson who just have far more comfort in MMA. After that he’ll be signed to a decent contract and groomed by being fed slightly improving talent along the way. He may never win a title but he’ll entertain and really that counts for something. (imo will never win a title- but in this sport who knows right?)

  2. ChrisH says:

    Kimbo is already 35 years old, I think it may be too late for him to just be starting his MMA career. We all know he has the ability to brawl, but with fighters like Roy Nelson and Wes Sims in the house, I’m not giving him the chance of winning.

  3. Jonsey says:

    As much animosity as there is between Dana White and Kimbo, and with how well known he is even among the casual MMA fan, I don’t see his career being short.

    As far as TUF goes, I can see him making it pretty far, and even to the finals if things go right for him.

    He’s not completely new to the sport, he’s not new to fighting in general, and he seems, to me at least, that he genuinely wants to prove himself as a legit MMA fighter. We don’t know how much he’s trained since that last EliteXC fight, we don’t know how much he’s improved.

    I’m not going to say Kimbo would be my first pick to win, but I’d give him more of a chance than most of the other guys who’re there.

    Oh, and Team Rampage FTW. I hope he just KTFO’s Rashad quickly when they fight.

  4. Benny Suff says:

    No, he will not win. Not even close. I like his attitude and respect what he’s trying to do but his age and lack of all around skill makes him an easy win for anyone with a solid ground game.

  5. For those mentioning his age….

    Randy was only one year younger when he started his MMA career. I’m by no means saying Kimbo is Randy but I think using age as the reason why he will not succeed in the sport is a stretch. Some people just have the ability to get better into their late 30’s. Depends who they are, Kimbo might be one of them.


  6. Benny Suff says:

    Comparing Randy and Kimbo in any way is preposterous. While Randy was only 1 year younger when transitioning to MMA his superior wrestling made him a threat right away. Kimbo has nothing that anyone is worried about yet and would need to learn a lot in the few years he’s got left. Not that he can’t but it’s extremely unlikely. No disrespect to Kimbo, I hope he gets to knock someone out this season.

  7. You’re entitled to your opinion.

    Like I said I am by no means saying Kimbo will be anything like Randy (I guess I didn’t stress that enough?) I’m just saying there is past examples of older guys to get into this game. Kimbo is a very good athlete, that has to count for at least a little.


  8. chris globensky says:

    Anyone can beat anyone,People just wanna see fights and Kimbo has super punching power,people like that ,dana give’s the fan’s what they want,or try’s as hard as he can too.Randy has been Ko’ed before so he could be again.I just wanna see fighters fighting fighters,even if it’s Randy vs Kimbo or Tito vs Coleman or The Spider vs The Dragon.

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