Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is awesome!


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When I train for MMA fights I rush from boxing/kickboxing practice to wrestling class then to no-gi class or to a weight training session. Then I sleep and repeat it all over and over again. I really don’t get a chance to train traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu very often. I still train a lot BJJ but it’s most often it’s no-gi variation called submission wrestling.

Lately, after recovering from my post concussion syndrome, I’ve put my gi back on and returned to the mats with great excitement. To me, BJJ with the Gi one of the most challenging and enjoyable martial arts there is. Based totally on leverage as opposed to strength the techniques actually do the work for you. Small men can tap out the big guys with ease if they have enough technical ability. The vast amount of techniques that have been developed through the ages make the learning process endless.

If you’ve never tried it, I suggest jumping into a class — a beginner one if the school near you offers it — and doing so. You will thank me but be warned…It is ultra addictive!
Anyone train BJJ already? If so I’d love to hear a little about your training (where, how long, with who etc.)

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  1. PM says:

    When are you fighting mma next? I want to see you fight more!!!

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Hey PM,

    Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I was out for a long while with post concussion syndrome. Mostly due to so many years of training and competing.

    Feeling good now, training a lot of BJJ, both gi and no-gi. I miss the cage so much bro but health, family and being a martial arts teacher are very important to me so I’m being very careful.

    Enjoy the blog. All the best.


  3. Jeff S says:

    I’ve been training BJJ for 3 years in KW. Unfortunately, I only get to train 1-2 days a week due to family, work, other sports, etc. BJJ is such a whole mind and body martial art that consumes my thoughts throughout the week. I’ll be at work thinking about the escape I learned the previous evening, the sweep that someone pulled on me and how I could have defended it better…it’s crazy!

  4. Benny_suff says:

    Love the Jits, not a huge fan of the gi tho. I find the submission wrestling more practical, plus I always take a beating when I roll with the gi.

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