Bravado Open this weekend…


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I’m really looking forward to this weekend. The Bravado BJJ tournament is being held on Saturday (13th) and the Canadian Sub-x is being held on the following day.

A bunch of my students have been training really hard and are excited to compete. They are looking great on the mats and should do very well. On Sunday two of our guys will be fighting in superfights. Veteran Grappler and MMA fighter Gavin “Heavy Metal” Hesson will be going up against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Brandon Fracassi in a no-gi match. Also, Mike Kocmarek, one of our blue belts, is matched up with another BJJ blue belt named Corey O`Dell. Mike’s is one of five team members on a Canadian team who are set to compete against a team of five from the United States.

It should be a great weekend, so if you live near Brampton, Ontario and you want to check out some bjj competiton here’s a link for more info.

I’m heading out tommorow to train some boxing, no sparring yet, probably just pads. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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