What makes things boring in MMA?


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boringEvery so often we watch a fight that is exciting from start to finish. A match where a fighter or both fighters  pull off some really cool, crisp and effective attacks and counters. I love those fights. The match between Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida, that took place a while ago is one of the first that pops into my mind.

Then there are other matches where many attacks seems slow, ineffective and telegraphed. It’s during those matches that I’m thankful, as a spectator, that it is only scheduled for three rounds if that is the case.

What’s makes a match boring to me?

I think it’s when two ground fighting specialist tries to strike it out on the feet. I find it hard to watch punching exchanges that consist of two fighters throwing wild punches, with elbows flared, body squared while moving in wrong directions. Even worse is when punches do land squarely on the intended target, which is always the head, they rarely cause a knockout because of improper body mechanics.

I imagine the opposite situation would be equally as boring to me although we don’t see it as often. That is if two highly skilled strikers with limited ground skill, flopping around on the ground missing submission opportunities or not taking advantage of a key position from which they could have ended the fight.

That being said there are some exceptions where a ground specialist or wrestler may have enough power and athleticism to score some knockouts and be exciting to watch regardless of the fact that they lack technical expertise in striking.  That is however fairly rare and seems to only be possible when there opponents possesse weak or average striking ability themselves.

In the future, I hope more fighters continue to play to their strengths and not feel like they have to prove that they can do it all when they step in the cage.

What do think think makes fights boring?

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  1. Ben S says:

    When both fighters gas out early or are afraid to engage. Also, when Kalib Starnes runs backwards for 3 rounds.

  2. Shawn says:

    When a fighter pulls guard for 5 rounds and refuses to engage his opponent in any way.

  3. Kyuss says:

    When fighters fight to NOT lose more than fight to win. This holds especially true for main event fights. Peeps pay big hard earned money to see these fights, not 2 guys waiting and waiting and waiting. I understand the strategy behind feeling the opponent out, but not for pretty much an entire fight.

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