Affliction 2!


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I really enjoyed the Affliction 2 card tonight! I stayed home and had tried to order it on pay per view but I ended up not being able to. I made the mistake of waiting until around 9:45pm to order the event. When I couldn’t get it to work I realized that the event started at 9pm and the small window of orderability (I know it’s not a word) was already closed.

I googled the event on the net and found a place to watch it through a live stream. Yes!! I don’t mind spending the $50 to support an upcoming mma organization but I’m glad I found some way to see the card.

First off I thought Arlovski did a great job in his fight with Fedor. He showed good head movement, crisp punching and was working his range beautifully. Would he have won the fight had he not thrown that flying knee? Maybe, as he seemed to control the pace of the fight throughout most of that first round. That’s the nature of the mma game, one mistake can be all it takes. Fedor looked relaxed as he timed that finishing punch perfectly and showed tremendous class in not smashing his already ko’d opponent afterwards. I look forward to seeing both of them back in the ring soon.

The rest of the card was entertaining as well with some good groundfighting and striking exchanges. The camera angles and filming distances were sort of refreshing after so much of the same thing over the years. I like the wide shot showing the entire ring as the fighters moved around it.

There were some moments that were not so professional in the production. I think they should really shut off the microphones when they are not in use as we had hear the commentators and various other people talking in the background way too many times.

I did well with my picks for this card, scoring 4 correct and 1 incorrect, with Belfort disrupting my perfect score with his nice KO victory.

I’ve totalled all of my pics since beginning this blog and my grand total is…..

25 Correct, 10 Incorrect = 71%

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