Wow…I feel bad for Chael Sonnen – UFC 117


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What a fight and what a great performance by Chael Sonnen in his UFC title fight with Anderson Silva!

He dominated the entire fight from start to finish, scoring some nice take downs, landing some brutal ground and dropping Anderson with strikes from the feet; the only problem is that after it was all said and done it was his opponent that retained the championship title not him. All because of a triangle choke. The same choke Sonnen had done so well in avoiding throughout the first twenty-three minutes of the five 5- minute round title bout.

Crazy stuff like that happens in MMA and I think that’s what makes it the greatest combat sport in the world, but I really hope Chael wins the belt at some point in the future because he really deserved it on Saturday night. He backed up all of his talk –and there was a lot of it!– by walking the walking and taking the fight to Silva all night long.

Congrats to Anderson on pulling out ┬áthe “W” but that result was a huge a downer for me.

You guys thinking instant rematch or looking for Silva to fight someone else?

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  1. stephen b says:

    vitor needs his shot, then i have no problem with a chael anderson 2

  2. Mike says:

    Instant rematch for sure. I can’t think of anyone else in the division who can give Silva a fight.

  3. Becky says:

    I think a rematch is a must. It would be cool to have them as coaches on the next TUF, but then Silva’s inability to speak English might make that hard.

    In my opinion, this was all around one of the best cards UFC has put together in a while. I have REALLY enjoyed the Bellator fights, can’t wait for those to start again.

    But it was nice to see Sonnen back up his talk, that is FOR SURE! We went to see it in a local bar, and it was HYSTERICAL to hear the crowd ‘turn’ against. SIlva. My husband & I were the only ones in the whole place that clapped & cheered Chael, then by the 3rd round everyone else was too.

  4. rick morgan says:

    i was also disappointed by this fight’s outcome. sonnen did what he does best for 23 mins of that fight. to come that close and not achieve his goal must be heartbreaking. nevertheless, one point to note is that anderson was trying to set up that triangle the whole fight. i kept noticing sonnen stretching one of his arms long and letting silva control his other wrist. i knew a triangle was coming and it was only a matter of time before he got those long legs up there. actually, i’m surprised a legitimate submission atempt didn’t happen earlier. regardless, i thought it would be over almost instantly due to sonnen’s fatigue, his problems with triangle defence in the past (losing to damien maia the same way), and silva’s skill. when he started to defend, my enthusiasm recussitated. he used the same defence jeff showed here after werdum triangled fedor. he must have been watching your vids, jeff. haaa! too little too late as it turns out. props to silva for the win, but sonnen should either get an immediate rematch or the winner of silva x belfort.

  5. Gavin Devlin says:

    I’m not and have never been a Sonnen fan, and I honestly believed he wasn’t getting out of the first round. However I have to admit by the end of the fight I was hoping he could hold on for the win. He deserved it. Unfortunately, like life, MMA isn’t always fair.

    Silva had a lot of weaknesses exposed for the first time. Like a lot of MMA fans I’ve often wondered could GSP take Silva. The answer after Saturday night, is yes. I also think Fitch at a solid 185 would put up a better fight than most of the middleweight division.

  6. Jeff Joslin says:

    Great points everyone.

    Becky, I thought it was a great card as well. I was jumpin out of my seat at moments hehe.I really think Silva’s arrogance comes across in his fighting and that drives me crazy. He snapped his arm away from his trainer when he tried to help him up and acted like he was too cool to block the smashes to his face.

    In the end he won though so congrats to him on having the ability to turn it around. Sucks though because Sonnen deserved to win the belt that night.

    Rick, good point about the triangle defense weakness, and with Silva’s long legs locking it in that’s trouble. I was jumping up when he was defending as I was hoping he’d get out. He seemed to be using a little different version than mine, one where he stands and places both feet under the armpits and sits back.

    Gavin, I agree about the weaknesses being exposed. People now know they they may be able to drop Silva with strikes while standing. It may be a lot like the first time Chuck Liddell got knocked out and others fought against with greater confidence after that.

    It’ll be very interesting to Silva comes back after that type of beating.

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