UFC Fighter James Toney – Can he pull off the Win vs. Randy Couture?


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Without a doubt James Toney is a slick boxer with fantastic head movement, relaxed and accurate punching, and a killer instinct. All of those assets have me really looking forward to seeing how he does inside the 32 foot octagon shaped cage this coming weekend.

Known for his devastating inside fighting and equally proficient trash talking capabilities, I really hope Toney brings some slick movement and long range techniques with him as well on the night of his UFC debut as he desperately needs to avoid being grabbed, stuffed and squished against the cage by his opponent Randy Couture. If he cannot stop Randy from doing those things, this heavyweight match-up between two combat sport legends, will be over very,very quickly.

Many eyes will be watching this weekend from both the MMA and boxing communities. It doesn’t really matter to me who wins as I have spent many years training as both an MMA’er and a boxer and enjoy both sports tremendously; I’m simply hoping for each fighter to be able to showcase their skills a bit to create a memorable fight for all combat sport fans.

That being said, I think Randy will win this one sometime in the second round by ground and pound.

Who are you picking?

Check out this vid showing some of James Toney’s great fight hightlights…

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