UFC Fight Night 18 Predictions


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Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann – Condit by TKO
Tyson Griffin vs. Rafael dos Anjos – Griffin by Decision
Ryan Bader vs. Carmelo Marrero – Bader by Decision
Cole Miller vs. Junie Browning – Cole Miller by Submission

Who are you picking?

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  1. Jason says:

    Nice picks, should be an entertaining night.
    Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann – Condit by TKO Round 2
    Condit was a dominant force in the WEC and it’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to the new level of competition. The one fight I’ve seen from him has shown that he has what it takes to go all the way in a fight, and with his next few fights being 3 round bouts (unless he really takes in some heavy wins) he should shine. He’s got good bjj and his standup is great, lots of heavy and interesting looking knees that are really quite unexpected.

    Tyson Griffin vs. Rafael dos Anjos – Griffin by TKO Round 2
    I think Griffin is really hungry after that loss to Sherk, a loss he should not be ashamed of. That was an extremely entertaining fight and he put on an amazing show against one of the greats in the light weight division. I really don’t know much about dos Anjos, but I really don’t think there are many at that weight that can manage Tyson’s strength.

    Ryan Bader vs. Carmelo Marrero – Bader by KO Round 1
    Bader seriously impressed me after his UFC debut. Although he supposedly has no game plan for this fight (an exaggeration in my opinion, I’m sure he has some plan, mainly to keep it standing and if that fails take it to the ground) I’m very excited to see his improved standup game. He’s got serious power behind his hands, and I can’t wait to see how that power has increased as he learns to kickbox technically and efficiently rather than just relying on his strength.

    Cole Miller vs. Junie Browning – Junie by Decision
    Junie was a huge ass on the show, but as they say any PR is good PR. He got what he wanted, and now with him training at Xtreme Couture he’s starting to show that he deserved it. His bjj was his strong suit coming onto the show, but his standup has vastly improved. Just looking at the difference from his last showing on TUF to his octagon debut is amazing, it honestly looks like an entirely different fighter. Take that and add on the time he’s had since at Couture under the mentorship of great fighters and coaches, and I think he’ll be a real contender in the UFC. I’m hesitant to say that he’ll knock Miller out, but I think he has enough bjj knowledge not to get submitted and the two will likely cancel each other out on the ground. He’ll have to be on his game though, because one slip and his arm is going to be broken.

    Also there is one fight that may not broadcast that I’m looking forward to, and that’s Gleison Tibau Vs. Jeremy Stephens. Tibau is taking the fight on rather short notice because of Escudero being injured, which I think will be the deciding factor as Stephens is a young, strong, athletic guy who should not be underestimated at all. After all his submission losses and the fact that he trains with Hermes Franca, I’d hope that Stephens can finally put all that bjj knowledge to use and not get tapped out again. Stephens by KO in the first.

  2. Anonymous says:

    -Martin by TKO second

    -Tyson Griffin Dec.

    -Ryan Bader tko second

    -Cole Miller sub, Third

    -Stephens tko in third. I just hope he doesn’t let get submitted again!

  3. MMA in SLC says:

    I love when free fights are on! I’ll go with all of Jeff’s Except Griffin vs dos Anjos – which I’m guessing will end by submission in the late first round. It’s not that I don’t think Tyson’s a stronger fighter – which I do – but I’m just throwing that out there.

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