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It`s getting close to fight time and I`ve finally got a little free time to sit down and make a few predictions for tonights UFC 99 card.

Here they are:

Wanderlei Silva (32-9-1) vs. Rich Franklin (24-4)
This is a fight that I believe will be a very close one. My guess is that Silve is going to come out swinging for a big KO. Will Franklin choose to strike back or attempt a takedown. Hmmm. I think Franklin will smart an intelligent fight and win this one by decision.

Inferno`s Pick – Franklin (decision)

Cain Velasquez (5-0) vs. Cheick Kongo (14-4-1)
This fight is one between two of the scariest looking dudes in MMA. Kongo has the height and experience advantage although his opponent Cain is undefeated and has been winning fights in impressive style. I have a feeeling this will end up being a stand-up battle, one that Velasquez will win with an exciting KO.

Inferno`s Pick – Velasquez (KO)

Spencer Fisher (22-4) vs. Caol Uno (25-11-4)
In his last few fights Spencer Fisher has won me over as a fan. He always brings action and excitement to his fights and possesses a well rounded skillset which are the two qualities I love seeing in a fighter. He`s up against Japanese fighter Caol Uno, who has been in the fight game for many years. I think Fisher will be too much for Uno in terms of both size and aggression so I`m picking him to win by TKO.

Inferno`s Pick – Fisher (TKO)

Mike Swick (13-3) vs. Ben Saunders (8-1-2)
I really don`t know very much about Ben Saunders so this is definately my most difficult pick of the night. Going in blind, I`ll take Swick by his infamous swickotine.

Inferno`s Pick – Swick (Submission)

Marcus Davis (16-5) vs. Dan Hardy (21-6)
Dan Hardy is set to face one of my favourite fighters in Marcus Davis. Marcus is a cool guy plus the dude is tough and he can punch! which is refreshing to watch because even at the highest levels good boxing is still rare. In the fight, however, I think Marcus is going to win it on the ground most likely in the form of a decision.

Inferno`s Pick – Davis (decision)

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (24-6-2) vs. Mustapha Al-Turk (6-4)
After signing a “one fight deal“ Mirko Cro Cop is back in the UFC. The big question is can he land his patented high kick tonight. I don`t think so. I know from my experience that the size of the octagon makes it next to impossible to cut off your opponent`s movement and it`s that fact alone that provides Cro cop`s opponents with the opportunity to keep themselves off of all knockout highlight reels by using good mobility and not moving to their left side often. In my opinion Mirko is going to have to grind this one out for a decision victory which I think he may do.

Inferno`s Pick – Filipovic (decision)

Well, those are my picks for tonight. I think I`m going to watch the fights at Boston Pizza just down the street from my house. Should be fun. Have a great night everyone!

What are your picksÉ (Excuse the É symbol, my question mark key won`t work. Anyone know how to fix that on a toshiba laptopÉ)

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  1. Benny Suff says:

    Franklin by TKO in 3, I think the weight cutting is gonna take a toll on Silva, he was hammering the liquids soon as he got off the scale.

    Cain by Ground n Pound in 1. I think if he does the I’m a wrestler but I think I’m an awsome striker now thing he’s gonna end up getting Knocked the Funk Out or picked apart from the outside.

    I’m hoping Saunder can break Mike Swicks face in 3 but more then likely it’s Swick by decision.

    Davis by sub in 1, I think he’s gonna surprise people and go for the takedown right away grind him out then land some shots and catch an arm or sink in a choke

    MIRKO by TKO in 2, if he losses this I will be devastated, I can’t handle another octagon loss for Mirko.

    Fisher by decision in the fight of the night.

    Fantastic Card.

  2. Python says:


    On my laptop I just have to press “ctrl + shift” once or twice to toggle the keyboad from crazy french style back to normal.

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