UFC 95 Predictions!


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You can’t complain about bad fights if they are free on television, but I don’t think anyone will need to complain when UFC 95 is all said and done. Some big names on the card make this card a good one to check out this Saturday on Spike Tv.

Before I get into my predictions for Saturday’s event I want you guys to check out a few other sets of predictions that have been made on some blogs that I visited. I made certain to make my picks before reading theirs so that I would not mess up my almost non-existent psychic abilities. Hopefully these blogs have predictions for most of the upcoming fight cards because I am going to start a friendly competition between us all. I will tally my results along with each of theirs and post the results here on my blog.

Here’s my competition and their picks…

Jeff ‘Wombat’ Meszaros
Quick Strike Beat Down
Extreme John
MMA Betting

Here’s my take on the action for UFC 95.

Diego Sanchez (19-2) vs. Joe Stevenson (29-9)
This fight is a pretty solid main event for a free UFC card. Two strong ground fighters with plenty of experience in the cage pitted against one another should make for an exciting battle. Both arrived in the UFC via the hugely popular “Ultimate Fighter” reality show so both are well known fight fans worldwide. The question is will Diego’s first battle at 155lbs introduce him to the lightweight division as an large, aggressive wrecking machine or will he come out drained, depleted and a fraction of his normal self due to the big weight cut.

Diego and I shared a dressing room at UFC fight night at Miramar Air Base. I remember thinking that with his build and frame he could definitely make it to 155lbs if he chose to. I don’t think the weight cut will affect him much at all. In fact I think he’ll come out stronger, quicker and more conditioned than ever before. I’m going with Diego to win this one.

Inferno’s Pick – Diego Sanchez (2nd round TKO)

Josh Koscheck (12-3) vs. Paulo Thiago (10-0)

Koscheck is coming off a KO victory in his last fight so I’m guessing he’ll try to follow that up with another win in the same fashion. Thiago is undefeated but is taking a big step up in competition in this fight. As Paulo Thiago will be soon doing, I too fought Koscheck in my UFC debut and the only thing that took some getting used to, was the size of the UFC cage. It was huge! That made it tough to force Josh to exchange with me.

If Thiago is looking to take this fight to the ground he will have a hard time finding an opportunity to try as I feel Kosheck will come out with some good movement. If he does get a chance will he be able to take down such a strong wrestler. I don’t believe so. This fight will, similar to Josh’s fight with Yoshida, come down to who is the more effective striker. The only problem for Paulo is that if he has the better striking, Koscheck will switch up to use his wrestling and ground and pound tactics. Either way I’m picking Koscheck to win this one.

Inferno’s Pick – Josh Koscheck (1st round TKO)

Nathan Marquardt (27-8-2) vs. Wilson Gouveia (12-5)

This is a tough fight to call. Both fighters train at good camps and each has some solid wins. I’m not sure exactly how this fight will play out as both Nate and Wilson possess well rounded skill sets. This may be one of the only fights that go to a decision in my opinion. If it does I think Marguardt will win it.

Inferno’s Pick – Nathan Marquardt (Decision)

Chael Sonnen (21-9-1) vs. Demian Maia (9-0)
I’ve been really enjoying watching Damian Maia fight since he arrived in the UFC. His style is unorthodox in that he is a ground fighting machine but he very rarely wrestles with his opponent to get them where he wants them. Instead he pulls guard, –which is extremely very rare in mma today—most commonly the half guard version and then proceeds to sweep his opponent using a technical sequence of sweeps and setups.

That type of fighter is hard to prepare for because it’s hard to find training partners that have the ability to mimic that sort of ground game. If Sonnen can avoid getting tied up in positions that are unfamiliar to him and effectively employ a strong striking game with great movement and footwork he can has a great chance of having his hand raised at the end of the fight. On the other hand if Damian Maia can get the top position via sweep or takedown, it game over!

Inferno’s Pick – Damien Maia (2nd round submission)

Dan Hardy (20-6) vs. Rory Markham (16-4)
I’m calling this match-up to be the fight of the night. These two should put on a good show on the feet with each looking to land some power shots early in the fight. Hardy and Markham both have very good records and each has been very successful over the last two years. This could go either way but I’m going the way of Rory Markham.

Inferno’s Pick – Rory Markham (3rd round TKO)

Who are you picking?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Here are my Picks for this event.

    1. Diego Sanchez

    2. Josh Koscheck

    3. Wilson Gouveia

    4. Demian Maia

    5. Dan Hardy

  2. Benny "sex on mats" Suff says:

    Diego by TKO 2
    Koscheck by TKO 1
    Maia by submission in 2(sub of the night)
    Marquardt by decision(fight of the night)
    Markham by TKO in 1(knockout of the night)
    Stefan Struve by sub in 1
    Paul Kelly by decision

  3. Extreme John says:

    Hey Jeff thank you for linking my blog in your UFC post, I will be sure to do the same back on my next UFC Predictions. Great site bro.

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