UFC 94 – GSP vs. Penn


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Ufc 94 is around the corner and I’m getting excited for it. I think it’s because of the great job the UFC has done building up the main event in the media. They’ve made B.J Penn look like a trash talking fighter who isn’t taking this fight seriously. I’m one hundred percent certain that the portrayal of Penn isn’t totally accurate and more likely the creation of a producer working behind the scenes of it all. I’m ordering it at my house and have invited a bunch of people to come over. Here’s my take on tomorrow night’s event.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones

Looking at this fight my initial thought was to pick Bonnar to win but for some reason my instincts are telling me to choose Jon Jones as the man to win it. Bonnar has the experience advantage and his losses were to some of the best guys in the division. My head says Bonnar but I’m going to pick Jones for some unknown reason as if my limited psychic ability is kicking in and providing me with some secret information.

My pick – Jon Jones (TKO round 2)

Nathan Diaz vs. Clay Guida

This is one of the fights I’m real excited about. I love watching Clay Guida fight, how can you not? He brings hair swinging, hammer fist flying action to every one of his bouts. He’s up against a tall, lanky skilled grappler in Nate Diaz but I believe he’s going to be able to avoid Nate’s submissions and grind out a decision victory with effective wrestling and ground and pound.

My Pick – Clay Guida (Decision)

Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Kim comes into this fight with a flawless record and Parisyan enters the cage as the more experienced fighter of the two. Way more experienced! I think that fact is going to play a factor in the outcome of this fight. Karo is not the best striker , the biggest or the fastest guy in the division but I think it will be his craftiness and cage control that will enable him to leave this fight with another win on his record.

My pick – Karo Parisyan (Decision)

Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva

Both of these guys are strong strikers and each of is undefeated. That fact along makes this matchup a very interesting one. Machida is a crafty fighter who seems really good at sticking to a strategy throughout his fights. Silva will have to be aggressive, taking the fight to his opponent in order to nullify Machida’s elusive style. I’m thinking Silva will land something powerful late into the fight and will pull out a TKO victory.

My pick – Thiago Silva – TKO (round 3)

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn

This fight is exciting because it has the potential to be an historic five round war or end quickly if either fighter makes a mistake early. In my opinion GSP has the more solidified skill set with strong wrestling and good jiu-jitsu and striking skill. However BJ possesses the innate ability to do unorthodox and extremely effective things when he steps into the cage not to mention some ultra-clean BJJ technique. Either of these guys can win this fight! Here’s how I think they can do it.


1. Take B.J into the later rounds

2. Be able to adapt his game on the spot.

3. Avoid the bottom position

B.J Penn

1. Get the upper hand in the striking department early on in the fight.

2. Use a lot of movement to avoid takedowns

3. If he does get taken down, he needs to work back to his feet quickly.

I believe GSP will come out more aggressive than ever in this fight which should make for some great entertainment. It’s gonna be a good one!

My pick – George St. Pierre TKO (Round 2)

What are your picks?

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  1. LaSalle Photography says:

    I agree with what you have said in regards to GSP and his fighting skills. But since Ive always been a Penn fan im gonna say hes gonna take it (Tapout Rear Naked)

    Who knows though , GSP could in fact take it a second time!

    Cory LaSalle

  2. Anonymous says:

    No prediction for the Fitch/Gono fight? 🙂

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    Good pick Cory, I think in that fight either fighter could win it. Should be a good one.

    Usually only do the main card fights but since you asked for it I will oblige :).

    Fitch vs. Gono.

    I haven’t seen Gono fight very much but I have a feeling Fitch is gonna take this one with a takedown followed by some good ground and pound.

    My pick – Jon Fitch – TKO (2nd round)

  4. Benny Suff says:

    Fitch by Decision
    Bonnar by sub in 2
    Guida by Decision
    Karo by Decision
    Machida by Decision
    B.J. Penn by TKO in 3.

    I don’t think were gonna see a lot of finishes tonight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think GSP will take it in round 3 by TKO! I truly think GSP is going to win this fight, maybe I’am leaning towards GSP due to the fact that I just dont care for BJ Penn as a person.

  6. Jeff Joslin says:

    Getting close to fight time…enjoy the fights everyone!

  7. Jay Doyle says:

    I have a sneaky suspiscion that Penn will take it in 3rd by tapout due to strikes. The guy is a phenom, but who knows? If GSP can handle the striking of Penn he might have it.

  8. The_Blaze says:

    My picks are,

    Diaz, Parisyan, Bonnar, Machida, Gsp

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