UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida Pick’em Contest Winner


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I was following the UFC 140 fight results on my phone on Saturday might from my wife’s work related Christmas Party. It sounded as though the fights were really exciting and that there were a few highlight reel moments that took place. I can’t wait to watch the fights!

Reading that Machida may have won the first round of the main event fight between him and John Jones had me wondering if he might actually pull of a win. About thirty minutes after that I read that Jones has won the fight via choke with 34 seconds left in the 2nd round. I had thought that Jones would win but was excited to see that Machida made it a pretty good scrap.

After blasting out some info about a pick’em contest, the responses came in quickly. The closest one was actually closer to the actual time of victory than any other JJ MMA pick’em contest guess has ever been. It was only 4 seconds off!

Congrats to Johnny Sanguinetti on making the winning prediction:


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