UFC 125 – Edgar vs. Maynard – The Technique Breakdown


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UFC 125 Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Wow! What a fight!

Even though it’s been several days since the UFC championship fight between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar, I find myself  thinking about it often. It has to be the amazing fact that Edgar came back from a brutal smashing in the first round –he was knocked down 3 times!–and was able to turn the fight around to the point that I thought he had done enough to win it.

In the first round he took a savage beating inside the octagon but after making a few small adjustments between rounds, Frankie began to get much less. As Maynard began to slow noticeably –probably due to the massive amount of energy he used in trying to finish Edgar throughout the 1st round–  as time went on, Frankie scored often with striking combinations. He also finished several explosive take downs including one that resembled a pro-wrestling power bomb. I’m pretty sure I was fist pumping the air after that one!

The main adjustment he made was a simple yet often underused striking concept. He started to move his head off the line of fire often –especially after throwing his own punching combos– causing Maynard to miss a huge percentage of his striking attacks. A good thing, because there’s no way that he would have been able to handle much any punishment from Maynard. Gray was hitting super hard that night and clearly would have finished Edgar early on, had he been able to continue to land his strikes cleanly.

Last night I filmed a video breaking down the way I  apply several of the techniques Frankie Edgar used so successfully to keep his head from being Gray’s punching bag, in rounds two, three, four and five.

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  2. Zach says:

    What an awesome fight this was. I couldn’t believe that Frankie made it out of the first round.I was watching it in HD at DISH and almost got yelled at for making to much noise during it.. I was disappointed that it ended in a draw, but I cant wait to watch the rematch could be the fight of the year.

  3. mark says:

    jeff thx for the support! (frankies boxing coach)

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